Chanel Iman On Free Shoes, Smizing, And Jeremy Scott [NYFW]

Chanel Iman is one of those rarefied models with the designation of “super” (it makes sense—the woman’s name is literally Chanel Iman). After bursting on the scene a decade ago as a teen, Iman took over the world, posing for practically every cover you can think of, starring in about half a million campaigns, and going through a right of passage that’s seemingly now necessary for all supers: walking in multiple Victoria’s Secret shows. And who could forget her starring role in “Yoncé?” Goals indeed.

Iman walks in a few select shows; this season includes Tommy Hilfiger and Jeremy Scott. So when we saw her backstage at Scott’s show this morning, we had to pull her aside for a hot minute.

Are you excited about the Jeremy show?

Yeah, you know this is such a fun show, I love walking for Jeremy and it’s always such great energy.

What makes it so fun?

The clothes and the wigs and the nails and the shoes, I mean everything about it is just fun.

Jeremy Scott SS17 🌶💥 #NYFW @itsjeremyscott

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What’s one thing you’ve worn down the runway that you would die to keep? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Jeremy show.

The shoes, I always love. When I first started modeling I always would take the shoes from the show, I don’t know how it works but–

Do you get a lot of free clothes?

I used to, yeah, when I was doing the shows. I would at least get the shoes [Laughs].

That’s amazing.

And then maybe get a package later. It’s nice to get the stuff before it comes out, right?

What’s your go-to way of flirting with guys or girls?

Using some type of smize.

Have you been going out a ton this week?

Yeah, I was just at the Schoolboy Q show last night.

Is it hard to get up and go to shows or are you just used to it?

No, I don’t do that many shows, so I can go out.

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr.

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