A$AP Rocky in a J.W.Anderson coat. The rapper and the designer have collaborated on a new capsule collection.



Check out A$AP Rocky's Cozy New Collab with J.W.Anderson

A$AP Rocky is known for his fashion sense, and, in the words of Derek Zoolander, for being “really, really, ridiculously good looking” (in his own words, he’s the pretty motherf**ker). Earlier this year, he teamed up with Guess for a retro ’90s collaboration, and he’s lent a hand to A$AP Bari on a capsule collection. The rapper is on a roll, and he’s now working with J.W.Anderson, with tons of creative freedom.

“He was allowed to do whatever he wanted to do,” Anderson said. “I don’t know what it means. I was just like, O.K., fine, whatever you want. I like that.”

Anderson and Rocky’s new capsule collection will feature eight pieces, including beanies, coats, pants, and zip track tops, titled JWA X A$AP ROCKY AND AWGE. For those who don’t know, AWGE is Rocky’s fight club version of an art direction team, which is why his Instagram looks like an obscure art gallery.

“The first rule of AWGE is don’t ask questions about AWGE,” said Rocky. “The second rule of AWGE is that if you are a part of AWGE, then you cannot discuss AWGE. The third rule of AWGE is refer back to rule number one if you have any questions.” Rocky reminded us that we’re not supposed to know what the letters stand for.


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Rocky is a huge fan of Anderson, and rocked one of the London-based designer’s zippered track tops in the music video for “Jukebox Joints.” He was also spotted at the J.W.Anderson Fall 2016 fashion show earlier in January (in the photo up top), sporting a coat similar to one of the pieces from the new collection. Rocky’s J.W.Anderson mink overcoat is very Margot Tenenbaum–it’s clear where the inspiration for his Teddy Coat came from.

This Teddy Coat is everything.

Although Rocky has already taken off in the fashion world, he’s still sticking with his roots in music. “I would never want to be a fashion designer,” he said. “But I do have a lot of ideas.” The J.W.Anderson x A$AP Rocky collection is available for pre-order now.

Images via Hype Beast, Vogue, and J.W.Anderson

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