'LoveTrue' is a surreal half-scripted, half-documentary film produced by Shia LaBeouf. Watch the trailer below.



Check Out 'LoveTrue,' An Otherworldy Film From Shia LaBeouf

Tribeca Film Festival alum Alma Har’el returns to Tribeca this year with LoveTrue, a genre-bending film about romantic relationships and the idea of true love. The film is half-scripted and half-documentary, giveing Har’el–an accomplished director who’s created music videos for Sigur Rós, Beirut, and more–room to explore how our reality is affected by the idea of love.

Executive produced by Shia LaBeouf (whose previous production credits include The Smallest River in Almirante and his own short film, Born Villain) and featuring an original score by Flying Lotus, LoveTrue follows three couples from distinct parts of the country—Alaska, Hawaii, and New York City—and shows how their relationships unfold over time.

The film explores how the three couples deal with the complex realities of their relationships—ranging from sex work to infidelity to separation, just to name a few. LoveTrue explores how each couple’s respective relationship develops, and how their love for each other waxes and wanes as time goes on.

Similarly to Har’el’s debut film Bombay Beach, which also premiered at Tribeca and was awarded Best Documentary Feature in 2011, LoveTrue is an example of what the director and cinematographer calls “performance in nonfiction.”

“Alma is a brilliant filmmaker who is using psychodrama as a platform for healing and insight,” LaBeouf said of the director in a statement promoting the film. “She makes you feel safe, learns of your life, shares hers with you. She encourages spontaneous creativity and holds your had as you address your personal problems.”

Har’el plays with the idea of fantasy by casting non-actors to portray the documentary subjects’ past and future selves. The dramatization of the subjects’ childhood stories and future goals blurs the line between truth and fiction, echoing how love alters our perception of reality. Her ultimate goal, to “demystify the fantasy of true love,” is perfectly captured in the film’s trailer.

“My girlfriend had an affair with one of my best friends,” says Coconut Willie, one of the film’s subjects. “I was raising a kid I thought was mine.” So much for true love.

LoveTrue debuts this Friday, April 15th at the SVA Theater 2 and will be showing in select theaters throughout the city beginning next week.

Stay tuned to Milk for more tragic love.

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