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1/11 — Although people tend to say Dylan went electric at the Newport Folk Festival, it isn't true. The first time he went electric was here, in Studio A at Columbia Records’ studio in New York.



Check Out Rare Photos of Bob Dylan From The Year He Went Electric

A few months before Bob Dylan sent shockwaves through rock n’ roll by setting down his acoustic guitar and going electric in 1964, a photographer named Daniel Kramer started pestering him to do a photoshoot. This was decades before you could slide into DMs on Instagram to set up a shoot, so he had to go the old-fashioned route.  “I began regularly sending notes, and making calls, to the office of Dylan’s manager, Albert Grossman, asking for a one-hour session,” Kramer recalled to The Guardian. “The office always said no.” Instead of ending with a restraining order, Kramer finally got his chance when Grossman picked up the phone one day and invited the photographer to the town of Woodstock, which was Dylan’s go-to escape for writing music and avoiding the madness of New York.

As Kramer’s one-hour photoshoot with Dylan stretched to five hours, it was clear this was something special. A year later, he had taken some of the most famous photos of Dylan ever taken during one of the most important years of the musician’s career. From the first time he ever played electric guitar to pool halls and concerts, Kramer was there every step of the way. Now, decades after shooting the iconic musician, he returned to the archive of photos for a photobook called A Year and a Daywhich is named after the span of time he spent with Dylan between August 27, 1964, and August 28, 1965. Packed in-between some of his most iconic shots are a number of unreleased images, not yet seen in public until now. Now that you’ve dried your tears from looking at the unreleased photos of Amy Winehouse last month, it’s time to out some of the best, unreleased shots of Dylan during the era when his career went global. Don’t think twice, it’s all right. Click through the slideshow to see Dylan in his prime.

Images via Daniel Kramer. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more long lost photos.

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