Check Out Spike Jonze and Stephen Colbert's Sesame Street-Style Short Film

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has that feel-good, New York-paced introduction you’ll find on most late-night talk shows. That is, it did. On February 29th, Spike Jonze guest starred and debuted a short film he made for the late show’s opening.

In the short, Colbert wakes up in Central Park and wanders aimlessly through the streets to find solace, but ends up with nothing. The show host is down in the dumps until he crosses paths with a blue, furry friend. Sesame Street star Grover leads Colbert through this two and a half minute film, helping him to find the light and also the show. The indie short looks like a scene pulled straight out of a Sundance film and contains the artfully crafted mark of Jonze’s usual work.

Jonze hasn’t released a feature film since his Oscar and Golden Globe-winning movie Her, but hopefully he’ll team up with Colbert again to make some more gems like this.

Photo via Film Inquiry 

Stay tuned to Milk for more delightful short films.

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