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Check Out The First Clip Of Lily-Rose Depp's Movie Debut

Lily-Rose Depp and co-star Harley Quinn Smith are creating quite the buzz over their upcoming comedy Yoga Hosers, in which they star as “the Colleens.” The film debuted yesterday, January 24th, at Sundance, and it’s the movie everyone can’t stop talking about. But are people more excited to see the work that director Kevin Smith describes as “Clueless meets Gremlins,” or to see baby Depp make her big film debut?

The 16-year-old beauty has been landing some major gigs lately, including a Chanel contract and filming alongside Natalie Portman. So far, she has three movies lined up for release this year: The Dancer, which is going to be an amazing dance biopic alongside French singer Soko; Rebecca Zlotowski‘s upcoming 1930s drama Planetarium, in which Depp plays Portman’s younger sister; and, of course, Yoga Hosers. Depp has also appeared on magazine covers, and she starred in the Self Evident Truths Project, which aims to spread awareness and understanding about a broader spectrum of human sexuality. It’s safe to say that Hollywood’s new “It” Girl is making quite the splash, and if her millions of fans are any indication, Yoga Hosers is slated to be a surefire success. (Or, at the very least, more successful than its 2014 prequel and verifiable flop, Tusk.)

The newly released clip, titled “Hunter and Gordon visit the Colleens at work,” shows Depp bringing her A game as a too-cool-for-school high school sophomore, Colleen, while senior hottie Hunter visits her and her fellow Colleen (Smith) at work. While her friend completely loses her cool, Depp is utterly unimpressed—that is, until Hunter invites them to a senior’s party, prompting Depp to crack a big smile. According to the film’s official summary, the girls will then have to “join forces with the legendary man-hunter from Montreal named Guy Lapointe to fight for their lives with all seven Chakras, one Warrior Pose at a time.” Talk about a quick escalation. But no matter the plot; I can’t wait to see Depp flexing her acting chops in this dorky comedy as soon as it comes out. Until then, I’ll be watching the clip on repeat.

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