Before you consider going sober after Shark Attack Sounds has their annual summer rager, check out the 70s-infused mix made to get you grooving.



Listen To The Shark Attack Sounds Mix For Sunny, 70s Vibes

Grab your boogie board, stockpile of joints, and family sized margarita mix. Shark Attack Sounds is back to groove through the summer heat for their 14th annual beach rager. The party, created by photographer (and Milk fam) Ben Watts and Milk co-founder Mazdack Rassi back in 2002, shows no signs of slowing down this year. If anything, a move to the infamous Surf Lodge in Montauk promises to turn up the heat and debauchery to new levels. Before you reach for your Advil and Google hangover cures for the festivities next month, it’s time to acquaint yourself with Oli Benz, also known as the man ready to make run to the dance floor—or out of your swimsuit, depending on how your night goes.

When we caught up with the mix master to ask about this year’s 70s-inspired, sun-drenched mix, he let us in on the secret to his far out sounds: “My formula for any mix is usually what current tunes I’m vibing. I can’t put out anything that doesn’t make me tap my foot, it starts with me digging it first.” It’s that kind of Holes approach to digging it that we can definitely appreciate.

The mix is straight out of Studio 54, and has us daydreaming about the train out of the city and straight into Montauk. Get pumped for Shark Attack–we certainly are.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Shark Attack Sounds. 

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