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Check Out The TV Debuts Of Some Of Our Favorite MADE Designers

WME/IMG’s Made To Measure, or M2M, is the fanciest fashion tv channel you’ve ever seen. It’s also technically the first one! So of course it comes to us via Apple TV, since Apple is by far the world’s most stylish tech company (remember when they came out with those gold watches and everyone flipped their shit?). In addition to footage of runway shows, M2M offers painfully chic programming like Tea at the Beatrice, where legendary style writer Glenn O’Brien conducts interviews at the fabled Beatrice Inn, and In and Out of Fashion With Laura Brown, where the famous Harper Bazaar editor chills with famous pals like Kiernan Shipka and Ciara

Our friends at MADE are getting in on the fashionable fun. Starting today, M2M is running episodes that focus on some of our favorite designers, like Adam Selman, Area, and CG. Check out the previews below, which are so pretty we want to eat them up. Although that wouldn’t be very fashionable.

“Our SS16 collection was inspired by makeup and the process of getting ready. We translated the glossy and liquid textures of makeup into textiles, and for the film we wanted to reference beauty routines in a sensual, surreal way through movement and set concept.”- Area

Dancer in the… light?

“Whether on screen or in reality, we all know what it’s like to idolize someone. The thing is, sometimes our idols sit right next to us. Putting friendship and the admiration of our friends is what this project was all about, with friends like Bramble Trionfo and Miles Skinner to create the treatment and connecting with my friends from MADE to actually make it a reality. The whole process from inception to reality was all about friendship, with a twist of glamour and beauty that I love to be surrounded by.” – Adam Selman

Slumber party!
Angelic AF.

“For Spring 2016, I wanted to create a feeling of intimacy and fragility in the clothes, and present them in a setting close to nature, an escape from the noise. Working with MADE and the M2M team on this video we were able to take that idea of escaping into nature and give it a surreal, otherworldly twist.” – Chris Gelinas, aka CG

Secret Garden.

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