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Check Out These Coke-Crazed Ads from the 70s

We’re still trying to recover from the whirlwind of a bender that is NYFW, but the wild nights have us feeling nostalgic for the coke-crazed 70s. It was a time when walking into any dive bar, club, or warehouse bathroom was bound to score you a bump or two. The powdered form of joy was loved by everyone from wide-eyed businessmen to David Bowie—probably even your gay uncle (none of us are buying his stories either). The drugged out obsession even reached the everyday magazine reader.

The World’s Best Ever has just released a slew of old magazine ads for cocaine and it’s pretty surreal. From adverts asking ‘got your nose open?’ to one that’s just a picture of a banana full of cocaine, the 70s was not at all ashamed of it’s need for speed—and related paraphernalia.  There’s even one called a Snow Shovel that’s just a tiny coke spoon shaped like a shovel. To reiterate, there was a product that helped you literally shovel coke into your nose. Man, anyone else feel like they were born in the wrong decade?

View all of the images at The World’s Best Ever

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