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Check Out This 100-Year-Old Church Turned Psychedelic Skate Park

Any skater (or fan of skaters, for the less athletically inclined) knows the thrill of finding a new, challenging place to roll through and practice up in. The wilder, the more extreme, the better. Well, it doesn’t get much more off the wall than a 100 year old Spanish church, does it? The church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, first erected in 1912, is no place to sit down and pull out the rosaries. With the help of Red Bull and artist Okuda San Miguel, it’s been completely transformed into a psychedelic skate park of epic proportions.

The new indoor park, renamed Kaos Temple, is covered in San Miguel’s unmistakably bright, geometric artistry, featuring cosmic doves, naked women, and trees growing out of people’s heads. Verkami, the crowdfunding site used to finance the park, described the artist’s work, saying that it “represents a colorful and isometric rose of the winds that tries to tell us that it does not matter were [sic] you are, or what you are doing, what matters are your own goals.”

So if you’re ever in Spain looking to do something a little different, Kaos Temple is waiting.

Photos by Lucho Vidales

Stayed tuned to Milk for more weird 100 year old churches being remodeled into cool things!

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