China's Justin Bieber Made a Bangin' Star Wars Theme Song

By now it seems like everyone in the world has seen the new Star Wars film. It’s made enough money to buy an election, but one thing has been missing—until now. Like the absurd beauty of the Tupac action movie we fell in love with in October, this new video may make you question whether there were drugs in your coffee this morning. In honor of the release of The Force Awakens in China on January 9th, the Chinese government decided to ditch the iconic theme music composed by John Williams. They went for a more…alternative route.


Along with Chinese pop sensation Lu Han—who is known within the country as “Chinese Justin Bieber“—and some good ol’ fashioned space razzle dazzle, they created a song and accompanying video that we’re still struggling to comprehend after our fifth viewing. It’s being billed as the official theme song for the film, and it’s called “Inner Force,” which sounds like a strange subtitle for a softcore porn we never want to watch. Oh, and if you were wondering what Disney thinks about the surprise banger, they’ve made Han an “honorary member of the Jedi Order.”

Between the weird lyric about driving your breath with a laser and a beat that would make DJ Khaled shed a tear, “Inner Force” is the jam we want to throw back shots to–before we head to the theater to cry more with strangers.

Stay tuned to Milk for more vaguely Justin Bieber-associated news.

Images and video via Lu Han Studio. 

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