Chloë Sevigny to Star in Horror Movie About Cyber Bullying

Chloë Sevigny has been all about the horror lately. The actress/model/everyone’s cooler older sister is not only starring in American Horror Story:Hotel, but will also have a lead role in the new movie #Horror. It centers around a group of girls who get stuck inside one day and decide to participate in just a liiiiittle bit of cyber bullying. Things naturally go terribly, terribly wrong.

We understand if the premise lends itself to a bit of eye rolling. After all, it sounds like the corniest after school PSA ever. We’ve all been forced into awkward lectures after Fox News decided to do an “exclusive editorial” on the travails of cyber bullying. It’s a very real and terrible issue, one that older adults don’t tend to handle with a lot of grace or composure. The newness is part of what makes it so terrifying.

It only makes sense that someone would make a horror movie around it. And yet so far all we’ve been given are movies like Unfriended.


Don’t see Unfriended.

See this instead. Because if the trailer is anything to go by, this will be utterly terrifying. Not only does it star, like, actual children as children, but it shows them doing all the terrible things that kids do. Between the vicious frenemies, the adults who refuse to understand, and the terrifying vulnerability of social media, it wreaks of the sorts of things that actually terrified us growing up. Some of these things still make us break a sweat a night. Of course, it’s also served up ample amounts of style a la fashion designer and first time director Tara Subkoff. We are practically foaming at the mouth.

#Horror drops in theaters and VOD November 20th.

Photos via Youtube, Days Tune, EW, and NY Mag. 

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