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Chromat Makes Self Care Sexy [NYFW]

Becca McCharen-Tran’s unapologetically inclusive attitude toward designing for all women shined through on the Chromat runway on Thursday.

The empowering Spring/Summer 2018 collection of swimwear and athleisure featured a range of fabrics. Polyester, cotton-blends, and denim? Expected. Gold space blankets fashioned as dresses? Not so expected, but with New York Fashion Week comes imagination and innovation. If you’re not quite ready to be in orbit sporting space blanket couture, McCharen-Tran presents you with this innovation: anti-chafing thigh bands.

Ok, sure, they don’t sound as glam as you may think…but when you look twice at the Chromat collection you’ll notice that the elasticized bands (made by Bandelettes) channel a lingerie aesthetic that pairs perfectly with, well, anything. Whether they’re black lace or a more understated nude, their functionality means all women can say goodbye to the irritating friction that trips up their look.

Beyond that, McCharen-Tran ushered into the spotlight an emphasis on body positivity and mindfulness; she made self-care a statement. She made it sexy. In what seems to be the most diverse show all week, the Chromat designer featured icons like Emme—who is recognized as one of the first plus-size models—along with trans model Carmen Carrera and Jordyn Woods, who made her fashion week debut. Chromat’s models were a range of sizes, shapes, ethnicities, and even ages, highlighting the ever-present importance of representation in a world that’s all about looks. So, props to Chromat. Keep striding down the runway in the right direction.

Images via Vogue

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