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Chromat Put On The Body Party We Needed [NYFW]

Six years after the founding of her brand, designer Becca McCharen knows exactly what she’s doing with Chromat, a line that presents just as it’s advertised: “Architectural experiments for the human body” that are “built for strong, powerful women.” The brand is young, but it already has particular signatures—Chromat’s SS17 collection, show at MADE New York, stuck to McCharen’s tried-and-true classics, featuring swimwear and athleisure rendered in deep primary colors, with sheer panels and construction that the designer previously described as “body scaffolding.” And the performance wear is fully functional. “[The Chromat team] did a group surf lesson,” McCharen told me. “We went on a surf trip all together, the whole staff, and it was that lesson where we all got inspired, [thinking] how can garments function in the best way for your sport?”

That’s not to say she’s repeating herself. The new Chromat collection featured intricate dresses and two-piece sets, complete with custom hardware from jeweler Chris Habana. While still wholly recognizable, McCharen pushed her aesthetic to a new place. Although one area that didn’t change was the casting; Chromat’s shows honor female bodies of all shapes, sizes, and genders. The models, including stars like Denise Bidot and Milk Makeup’s own Sabina Karlsson, were diverse and joyful. “Every season the runway shows are a celebration of the Chromat world and the Chromat babes, and there are so many women of all sizes, all races, all across the gender spectrum, who represent who we are, and who inspire our collections,” said McCharen. Your body is my Chromat party.


The Look That Gave Us Life…

A tight orange crop top and matching pencil skirt with Habana’s fastenings, worn by trans model Maya Monés, was a highlight.

Adding To Our Shopping List…

Bathing suits with sleeves suddenly feel very chic. While there’s surely a performance element, the look is fresh—and they’ll prevent farmers tans?

We Can’t Wait To Wear This…

Surfing, obviously. We can just imagine a sunset party at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, filled with Day-Glo bright Chromat outfits and margaritas. Those maillots are elegant enough to double as eveningwear.


A Whole New World…

The show opened with a wild dancer, working something between voguing and a primal interpretive dance. She was awesome, and she was even incorporated into the show’s set. “In front of the lights were six Formlab’s 3D printers, and they were using something that starts as a resin bath, a pool of liquid,” said McCharen. “And they use lasers to bond together the molecules, and it actually body scans the dancer. So it’s been this whole process of utilizing technology from body scanning, 3D printing. Next Wednesday we’re going to reveal a whole CGI World.”

It’s In The Details…

Some models rocked tiny orange goggles, like if a tiny Kurt Cobain went swimming. They were extremely cute.

Photos by Andrew Boyle.

Gifs by Ashley Britton and Bonnie Wang.

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