Kaia Gerber is just like any other girl. She's the daughter of Cindy Crawford and spends her summer as the face of Miu Miu in dreamy, poolside videos.



Cindy Crawford's Daughter Has A #Casual Summer Job: Guess What It Is

Models: they’re just like us. They stand limp and sweaty in front of their A/C units, splash around in the local pool with a vigor that mimics a death scene in Jaws, and suck on popsicles with the sex appeal of a bad weekend Tinder date. Well, actually, that’s what we wish they were like, because it’d make us feel better about our own summer habits. Instead, they’re as fabulous as ever.

As we learned from watching Cindy Crawford’s 14-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber in her new Miu Miu ad, models don’t sweat—Kaia Gerber is having a way, way better summer than we are—she is a new face of Miu Miu.they glisten. They leave popsicles dripping on tables (too much sugar) and walk around in fuzzy pink slides, playfully adorned with pearls. Oh yeah, and instead of having a summer job at a frozen yogurt shop in the local mall like we did, they’re casually taking over as the face of Miu Miu before they’re old enough to get a driving permit. It makes sense, given that Kaia’s mom is a legendary supermodel, and her brother, Presley, just slayed his runway debut at the Moschino show at MADE L.A. last weekend. They’re truly a genetically blessed fam.

today on miumiu.com @miumiu @april___milano #miumiuscenique #miumiueyewear

A video posted by Kaia Gerber (@kaiagerber) on

Gerber’s new five-minute campaign ad for Miu Miu’s Scenquie eyewear is the summer day we daydream about having. Models may not be just like us, but at least we can watch this and hallucinate about a glamorous life as we suffer from heatstroke.

Stay tuned to Milk for more summer fashion daydreams.

Images via Miu Miu. 

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