Meet Mitchell Slaggert—he walked at Moschino this past weekend and has pretttttty good taste in music.



CK Model Mitchell Slaggert Is A Sweet, Small Town Boy [MADE LA]

Covering fashion shows can be a bit overwhelming, but covering the Moschino show this past weekend for the launch of MADE LA was on a whole different level. Luckily, we were able to steal Calvin Klein model Mitchell Slaggert for a chill minute to help ease us into the mayhem; he was my first interview of the night, and as you’ll see, he called me darling. (That is all.) Read on to find about more about the evenly-tanned southern gentleman.

How long have you been modeling?

Just under a year.

Where are you from?

I was raised out in Georgia. And Jeremy Scott—he’s such a great guy—I came to find, is from a small town too. They just breed great people; that Southern hospitality just comes off strong.

Do you like LA?

I am falling in love with LA. And I just got brought out with an agency out here so I might be coming out here soon—[might] make the jump into acting!

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Where are you based full time?

In New York. I’m with DNA in New York, and they’re all exceptionally amazing people, I love working with them. It’s great, I can go out and grab lunch or a drink with my agents because they’re just good guys. It’s amazing, and it means a lot. It’s like God, family, and friends are right there. It’s good people.

What would be the top three songs on your playlist for driving around LA?

[Laughs] That’s a good question! I would say Tyler Farr, he’s a country singer, and I like “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.”

Did you just spell out country?

Yeah that’s what the song is called. The second one would be Gino Driggs, “Brief Encounter.” And then, “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”—that’s a catchy one!

You have a nice tan, by the way. 

It’s unfortunate, I was in Central Park and I got a chemical burn on my stomach from the pesticides they put on the grass when I was playing ball.

Oh my god, really? From lying on your stomach?

It’s terrible right? Like I dove, and then I got a burn on my stomach.

That’s upsetting.

Yeah, I gotta say something to the city because that’s not okay. I guess some spilled out and I happened to fall right in it.

Well it looks like you’ve recovered fine.

Yeah, it was bad though—I couldn’t go to the gym for awhile because the sweat would irritate it.


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Photo taken exclusively for Milk by Byron Spencer

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