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Coat Yourself in Springtime with These 6 Brilliant Beauty Products

After enduring a seasonally confused winter, we are now in the midst of a limbo period where the weather is as erratic and unpredictable as the MTA on weekends. But spring is on its way, if that budding sweat mustache on my upper lip this morning was any indication (it is). And we think there’s no better excuse to switch up your beauty regimen. So in celebration of the flowery days to come, we bring you a handful of beauty products that feel, smell, taste, and just basically are spring.

Inject Sunlight into Your Skin with Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Oil

Picture this: you’re home, alone, finishing up the last crumbs from a pizza box as you catch a glimpse of yourself in the handle of your toaster oven. After months of staying indoors for most hours of the day, it appears your skin has turned a dismal shade of grey. What do you do? You open up your browser, head to, and add exactly 70 Sunshine Oils to your cart. The glistening yellow product contains a blend of invigorating natural oils including grapeseed, avocado, grapefruit peel, and tangerine peel. It’s kept safe inside a nifty tube, and is easy to apply anywhere on your body with its glass rollerball. In other words, a must.

Your forecast is looking bright and lively.

Mario Badescu’s Rosewater Facial Spray that’s Best for Wallowing in 

This highly refreshing facial spray comes with aloe and herbs, and is perfect for when you need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day or need to pretend that your dirty bed is actually a bed of flowers. The formula smells great and is a pretty, light pink—and as everyone knows, pink is always a plus. But the final selling point had to be when Kylie Jenner gave a shoutout to Mario Badescu on her illustrious Snapchat—and without even being paid to do so.

*Angels sing*

Slather Your Pulse Points in this Petal Perfume Oil

You wouldn’t think that Urban Outfitters would be the place to seek out perfume, but alas it apparently is. Their Petal Perfume Oil is essentially springtime—bottled—and will not disappoint. Floating inside are actual flower petals that differ from scent to scent. There’s the mandarin and green tea blend “Forget Me Not,” the pink current and peonies concoction “Globe,” and the peony and rose mixture that’s aptly named “Rose.” And unlike so many other perfumes out there, this Vitamin E packed fragrance won’t irritate the skin or the wallet (a single bottle is less than $20).

This guy makes a great gift: to yourself, from yourself.

Nail Stickers that’ll Make Your Nails More Fun to Look at

While these stickers are technically for your nails, the things you can do with them are actually endless. I mean, there’s 48 different sticker designs in this one pack. You can put them on your face, create a DIY temporary tattoo, or make like a 6-year-old you and wear them as stick-on earrings for the day. Whatever you decide, you’ll be on fleek for spring, and isn’t that all that matters?

You’ll be looking so fly (re: butterfly puns).

A Calming Face Mask to Help You Decompress

The Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask by Lush is made from Turkish rose oil, calamine, and kaolin to help calm your skin. It’ll softly remove dirt from your face, while nourishing, toning, and making you feel like a human flower at the same damn time. Oh and did we mention that it’s vegan? Because it is.

Essentially, magic in a pot.

Lip Tints that’ll Turn Your Lips from Sad to Salacious 

Glossier loves to promote the no-makeup makeup look, and their latest line of lip stains attests to that motif. The Generation G Matte Lipstick leaves an effortless looking stain on your lips, as if you just ate a basket of freshly picked berries, or drank wine in Central Park straight from the box. It comes in four spring-y colors—two of which are vibrant and rich, as compared to the other muted and more natural shades. Personally, we want to buy them all.

Cute colors and cute packaging? We’ll take all four.

Photos via Marc Jacobs, Mario Badescu, Urban Outfitters, Ali Express, Lush, and Glossier. Original image by Kathryn Chadason.

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty-licious things. 

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