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Colette Closing After 20 Legendary Years of Fashion

On December 20th, 2017, the fashion industry will weep for the termination of a beloved figure. After 20 years of service as one of the world’s greatest and most dependable sources for cool clothes, the legendary Parisian storefront, Colette, is closing its doors for good. The purveyors of not only style, but also attitude and culture released a statement earlier today regarding its grieved departure reading:

“As all good things must come to an end, after 20 wonderful years, Colette should be closing its doors on December 20 of this year… Colette Roussaux has reached the time when she would like to take her time; and Colette cannot exist without Colette.”

The boutique was founded in 1997 on the cobblestoned, Parisian street that stands as a legendary marker of high-end fashion, Rue Saint-Honoré. Since then, Colette has been run exclusively by the reigns of the store’s namesake and her daughter, Colette Roussaux and Sarah Andelman. The store’s development as a literal French fashion icon remains unprecedented, which can be attributed to its unrivaled bridging of street wear and couture, and Andelman’s widely respected sourcing of style and inherent instinct for plucking emerging designers out of obscurity and into trailblazing fates.

The space, standing three stories high, boasting 8,000 square-feet of expertly merchandised couture, street wear, home goods, accessories, books and other curated goodies, served as a desirable destination for not only your typical shoppers and tourists, but also as a respected place of worship to top celebrities and the most respected figures in fashion. Being stocked at Colette predicted a fruitful destiny for any designer, examples including Virgil Abloh of Off-White and Proenza Schouler. In fact, we find it more appropriately described as a temple of style… Cathedral, even.With all of that said, it is no question that its departure from the fashion industry, culture, and general existence will be heavily mourned by all. The disappointing declaration seemed too shocking even that most can be found in denial. Think about it like this, what would happen if abruptly, Beyoncé voluntarily disappeared? Seized to exist as an artist? Yeah, all hell would break loose, life would lose all meaning, fissures would erupt across the world to engulf all matter into the steaming core of the Earth. Dramatic? Probably.

Apparently, some were quick to move on. In the same statement, Colette disclosed that, “negotiations are under way with Saint Laurent and we would be proud to have a brand with such a history, with whom we have frequently collaborated, taking over our address.” We don’t doubt that the illustrious French brand will be embraced with open arms, but we also know for damn sure that they’ve got big, haute-couture shoes to fill.

Images courtesy of Colette and Business of Fashion. 

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