Comedian Beth Stelling Reveals She Was Raped & Abused

This year has seen brave women speak out against sexual abuse and stand up to their attackers, most notably in the allegations of rape against Bill Cosby and James Deen.

Comedian Beth Stelling, who’s had a standout 2015 with the release of her Simply the Beth stand-up album and Comedy Central special, shared her personal experience with rape and verbal and physical abuse on Instagram on Monday, December 28th.

"Same girl in all of these photos (me)."
“Same girl in all of these photos (me).”

She revealed that she broke up with her ex-boyfriend “this summer,” because their relationship was abusive. She kept the relationship private, until very recently, because of “mostly fear. Scared of what people will think, scared it makes me look weak or unprofessional.”  She continued to say that when asked why they broke up, she didn’t know the “appropriate thing to say at a stand-ups how, a party or a wedding. It’s embarrassing. I feel stupid.”

Many feel ashamed or “embarrassed” after being abused and/or raped. Earlier this month, Lady Gaga shared that after being raped at 19, she “didn’t know how to accept it. I didn’t know how to not blame myself or think it was my fault. It’s something that really change my life.”

Stelling continued to say that she’s decided to finally, courageously speak out because “it’s unhealthy to keep this inside because my stand-up is pulled directly from my life.” And actually, once she started talking about it during her shows, both men and women have showed their support and shared their own experiences of such unjust acts.

Hopefully, survivors of rape and abuse will find encouragement in Stelling’s story, and also share their story and seek support. Visit sites such as RAINN for more information, support, and solidarity.

Photos via Instagram and Yay! LA.

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