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Russian Communist Party Wants Corporations To Stop Using Red Star

The Russian Communist Party wants to copyright the red star logo that’s found on their military flag, and it has nothing to do with Putin and his batshit crazy laws. Rather, it’s because well-known brands like Macy’s, Heineken, San Pellegrino, –and at one point even Texaco–have all used the red star symbol, and Russia wants to reclaim it as theirs.Who would’ve thought the communist party wouldn’t be into sharing?

“Sometimes our symbols are used for commercial purposes, and the state must protect state symbols from commercial use by foreign firms,” stated Vadim Solovyov, the State Duma deputy and chief lawyer for the Communist Party. Solovyov’s peers want to send an official appeal to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to ensure the “protection of our symbols, including the red star—the symbol of victory that appears on our military flags.”

And while it might be a symbol of victory, it’s also a symbol that was stamped onto a beer bottle and the Macy’s building in New York long before the Communist Party’s military flag was created. In fact, when the communist party of the Soviet Union was founded on January 1st, 1912, their logo appeared on a flag featuring the precious star, a hammer and sickle, and Vladmir Lenin’s profile. Heineken beer was established in 1864, well before the birth of the party.

“Communist” stars on vintage Heineken bottles.

Heineken changed their logo in the ’60s, presumably due to the Cold War and a nationwide panic about communism, the “Red Scare.” In order to save the brand, the Amsterdam beer was forced to change their logo to a white star with a red outline. Heineken only changed the star back to its original red much later, when the negative connection seemed to dissipate. Macy’s also displays the iconic red star, and it was established in 1858, well before the communist party.

Real talk though, I get it. The Russian Communist Party is pissed that popular brands have been making moola from a symbol that is literally anti-capitalist. But international copyright laws aren’t really a thing, and the star was never the party’s property to begin with. You can’t always get what you want.

Photo via Story Terrace

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