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Conz Talks "Sun Up", Transatlantic Rap, And Oprah

On this side of the Atlantic, Norway’s music scene has been put under a decidedly small umbrella: electronic pop (think young, snappy talents like Astrid S and Sigrid). That’s all about to change. There’s a hip hop scene bubbling in Oslo, and at its center? The rapper Conz, who, alongside his creative collective By Any Means, is looking to change the game (in Norway, and beyond).

Conz’s most recent gifting is the new single “Sun Up”, and there’s more on the way—namely, “more tunes,” according to the rapper. We sat down with Conz to talk more about the new track, what inspires him (Oprah Winfrey is up there), and where he’s headed next; check the full interview—and the new track—below.

Congrats on releasing “Sun Up”! What’s the story behind the track?  

Thank you! Actually all I ever wanted was to get the people from my city to understand regardless of what people say or do as long as you stay true to yourself and work hard the last pieces to the puzzle will fill itself.

Can you talk about the creative process behind the song? How did it all come together?

 I usually like to draw when I listen to beats so I was actually drawing a sun in the corner of my paper kinda like everybody used to do when they were kids and that inspired the hook.

“Distant” got really great reviews here in the US. So what has the reception been like so far for “Sun Up”?

 The reception has been really nice so far. I’m just glad to see that people fuck with it in a country I’m not even from. It makes me understand that I can reach new heights worldwide as a Norwegian artist.

What’s it like breaking into the US market as someone who’s based in Oslo? Is that something you think about, or is it all the same game? 

I actually find that cool. Makes me wanna put my city on everywhere I go even more.

Let’s talk about By Any Means. How has the collective helped or influenced you as an artist? 

Well we’re five talented people in the collective just putting each other on and working hard together. They have definitely been a big influence on me as an artist and as a person. I really consider them as family #Bamfinnablow

What’s in the pipeline for you for the rest of 2017? 

Well currently I’m in the phase of just creating more music with Safario from By Any Means and other producers and I finally feel like it’s going somewhere. So I’m looking forward to drop some more tunes in the future.

Last question: do you have a longterm vision or mantra for yourself as an artist? 

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

Featured image courtesy of Conz

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