Courtney Love Performed With A Robot Band At Milan Fashion Week

Face it: Courtney Love will always be cooler than you. From being married to the grunge king himself to performing as the world’s grimiest and glitteriest frontwoman, she’s spent her entire life living out all our middle school fantasies. This past Wednesday was no exception, as Courtney Love spent it performing with a band of very real, very metal robots during Milan’s fashion week. Let me repeat that: Courtney Love performed with robots. At Milan fashion Week. On a Wednesday. Remember that time you and your friends had too much margarita mix and formed a one-night-only pop punk band? It was sort of like that, except infinitely cooler.


If Courtney Love was going to show up on anyone’s runway, it would be Philipp Plein’s. The German designer is known for alligator skin jackets, geometric sneakers, and staging cage fights. Minimalism is not exactly his thing. He goes for the drama, for glitz and glam and a little bit of trash. Last year his models walked around a custom built, fully functioning roller coaster that was built into the Palazzo delle Scintille. It was naturally a totally casual affair.


It should come as no surprise when we say that his SS16 women’s wear show was an absolute spectacle. The show opened with Courtney Love careening by on a conveyor belt whilst singing “Celebrity Skin.” Models were similarly served up, pausing only to take handbags from robots placed on the side of the runway. White strobe lights sputtered and flashed, and drones floated through the mist. As for the clothes themselves, there were mini skirt tutus and pleats bound together by tiny spikes, and alienesque models dripped with jewels, chains and silver lame. Leather jackets came embroidered with the phrases like “Philip Plein Punk ” and “God Save Hip Rock.”


Even though Courtney’s obviously had her struggles, we’re completely obsessed with her and totally envious of all the cool shit that she gets to do. Like that one coworker that you don’t really want to acknowledge, she’ll always be just a little bit better than you. But because it’s Courtney Love, we’re okay with that.

Photos via Telegraph, Dazed Digital, and Daily Mail.

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