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Cruise the Gym in Grindr's New Fashion Line

What do you do get when you mix hot men and sportswear? Eye-candy – and that’s exactly what Grindr‘s lookbook for their new fashion line is. Tech and fashion collabs are nothing new in 2016 since the mixture of both usually makes for great product. Or in this case, a great jockstrap. The popular gay dating app is making headway into the next phase of their platform with their first foray into fashion, titled “The Varsity Collection,” now available in their online store. The app’s previous non-tech ventures have included selling Madonna concert tickets, which kind of goes perfectly together – buy the ticket and the perfect outfit to go to the concert in, all while cruising the app for a date to take with you.

The collection features twenty-nine separate pieces, all influenced by locker rooms and sportswear aesthetic. But these aren’t your smelly high school gym clothes, these are meant to get you laid, after all. Not only that, but profits made from sales will be donated to Athlete Ally, a charity that advocates for LGBTQ athletes, and protests against discrimination in sports.

The line is also influence by Print All Over Me, who helped produce the prints repeated throughout the collection. Want a Greek god printed all over your bum? You got it. A “Shoot” label on the front, and a “Score” label on the back of your pants? You betcha, boy.

With the Olympic games in Rio in full swing, the “Varsity Collection” comes at a time of relevance and need. Aside from the fun and humorous vibe that is so distinctly a part of the Grindr make-up, the app always strives to be more than just a “dating app”. Grindr continues to become involved in issues concerning the LGBTQ community. Their creative director, Landis Smithers, released a statement saying “As we keep evolving, we are looking for ways to combine things that people enjoy with ways to help the community globally”.


For Grindr, a virtual safe space for a community that still sees hardships frequently day in and day out, now more than ever, both their voice and cultural presence is vital. Clothes made with pride, about pride, for pride, made to be worn with pride. What more could a guy need? Preach that self love.


Photos by John Arsenault for Grindr

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