The critically-acclaimed filmmaker Bruce LaBruce is taking on lesbian terrorists with his new film and he needs our help to fund it.



Cult Director Bruce LaBruce Takes On Feminist Rage with Lesbian Terrorists

Despite living in one of the most progressive eras in modern history, women still face overwhelming discrimination no matter what they do—whether they’re walking down the street or trying to gain access to birth control and legal abortions. It seems like every day comes with a new challenge spearheaded by a man who hides behind the explanation that he just wants to protect women. Honestly, it’s enough to make anyone fill up with rage fantasies targeting all the male fuckboys who are putting them down. It’s this intense, burning desire that’s being tapped into for a film revenge fantasy not seen since Beyoncé got her hands on a baseball bat and monster truck on Saturday—albeit with an extra heavy dose of crazy.

Acclaimed cult filmmaker Bruce LaBruce is tapping into the rage that women feel every day with a film called The MisandristsStarring actress Susanne Sachsse as a character called Big Mother, it follows a lesbian terrorist group who plan to liberate women, overthrow the patriarchy, and usher in a new female world order–because, really, what better way is there to spend your time? It’s like Big Momma’s House but with more lesbian terrorism and less Martin Lawrence. In the midst of their feminist rage against the patriarchal machine, a young radical leftist fleeing the police finds their female stronghold and convinces them to let him stay in their basement like a monster in hiding. At least, that’s the story the female liberation army want told.

The lesbian terrorists are holding LaBruce captive until he raises the money for their film.
The lesbian terrorists are holding LaBruce captive until he raises the money for their film.

Fresh off last year’s ten-day retrospective of his work at the MoMA, this new film from BLaB (the artist’s longstanding acronym) will be his 10th directorial feature but the first of his films to be partially crowd-funded through a Kickstarter campaign to ease production and post-production costs. This isn’t BLaB’s first foray into the eccentric and bizarre. After starting in the queer punk zine scene in the 80s and debuting his first film in 1991, called No Skin Off My Ass, (starring LaBruce himself as a lonely hairdresser who falls for a skinhead) his directorial work has blended pornography and art to cover everything from BDSM and prostitution to amputee fetishism and zombie sex. This isn’t his first dip into the terrorism pool, either.  The Raspberry Reich was a satire of the radical left that followed a terrorist group coercing others into joining “the homosexual intifada,” which is coincidentally the same way we got recruited by the gay agenda.

As BLaB sets to work gathering funding for The Misandrists and prepares to sell the project at the Cannes Film Festival this year, we’ll be waiting to see just how far the filmmaker goes in his cinematic quest to punch the patriarchy in the dick.

Images via Bruce LaBruce, Dazed, and World of Wonder. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more feminist revenge films. 

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