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Cydnee With a C's Upcoming EP is Gluten Free (Literally)

You can tell a lot about an artist by the videos they make, and if “I’ll Be Your Chick” is any indicator of Cydnee with a C’s aesthetic, we’re in for a hella vibey summer, courtesy of this ATL native and her vid companion (and fellow ATLien) OG Maco. For “I’ll Be Your Chick” (and the rest of her tracks, for that matter), Cydnee is serving up a sultry, chilled out version of hip hop, adding her name to the growing roster of artists coming out of Atlanta and making waves.

Following “I’ll Be Your Chick”, Cydnee’s poised to drop her debut EP, Gluten Free, and—here’s hoping—latch onto a hot tour this summer with the likes of Lil Yachty or Young Thug. We sat down with the artist to talk more about what’s next; check the full interview below.

Whereabouts on the west coast are you?

I’m in LA.

Cool. So I’ve watched the “I’ll Be Your Chick” video like a million times.

Haha, I’m glad you like it.

Yeah, I was like, “Man, I wish she was in New York so that we could shoot her!” So if you’re ever here, you should let us know.

Oh, yeah, for sure, we’ve been talking about going out there soon to meet up with some people. I’ll be out there pretty soon.

Awesome! I know Gluten Free has been out for a while now, but what has the reception been like so far?

It’s been pretty good. People really like it. I’ve been watching my stats on Soundcloud and I’ve been having so many listeners overseas as well, from like South Korea, and Germany and even South America. So I think that’s really, really cool. People have been receiving it so well, and they love it even more after I explain to them why it’s named Gluten Free

Do you feel like there’s a narrative that ties all of the songs on the EP together? 

They’re not really intertwined, the only thing that they have in common is that me and my co-producers wrote the whole EP together. So that’s what they have in common, is that aspect. 

Cool. What’s your creative process like for writing a song?

Well, for the EP, for the most part, I already wrote the songs on guitar and I went to Doug and gave him the chords, and we did some rounds with those chords, and I’ll get in the booth and freestyle something, and he’ll take the hooks away with the production, then I’ll be like can you add this, or what’s that sound, add it, and we just make it work.

Yeah, amazing. Like I said, I watched the video a bunch, but can you talk about how you guys brought that song to life visually?

Oh my goodness, literally just be free-styling it. The director, Chris, he free-styled the whole thing. Everything kind of just went to place the day of the video. The universe kind of just brought it to life. The point of the video is just us mobbing around LA, and you know, me being down for whatever, “down for the shit,” we’re literally just mobbing in LA doing what we do on a normal Saturday.

So have you always wanted to be a musician from a really young age, or when do you decide that that was what you wanted to pursue?

I’ve been singing since I was seven and writing since I was eight. I’ve always wanted to be a musician, but when I got older, I was like, “Oh, this is a whole business” you know? So I was like, “Dang, this isn’t just music, it’s a whole business.” So I’m happy that I have a team with me. I wasn’t able to take music seriously until I found people who believed in me.

And how did you go about developing your sound and deciding what was going to make you stand out?

I knew that, because my music sounds completely different when I write it on guitar, it sounds so pretty. But when you add percussion to it, it changes everything and it thugs a thug, pop, trap type of influence to it. So the music was just, we really had no direction and no avenues or nothing, we just went off on a limb and produced to the music I had. “I’ll Be Your Chick” was the first song that me and Doug did together and we were like, “Dang, this came out super dope! What do we call this? It’s called pop trap.” So we didn’t really have a direction or know what we wanted to do for the style of the music, but after we had that first song, it kind of set the fire for what we wanted to do for the EP and for the genre.

That’s cool, so it’s really organic. What inspires you when you’re writing songs and coming up with stuff?

Um, chardonnay [Laughs]. Some weed. I don’t know, I listen to a lot of K-Pop music so sometimes I go through my K-Pop engines and get my influence from there. I love K-Pop music.

Love it. What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of the year now that the EP is out?

We’re working on a second single right now, “Back of My Mind”, and it sounds amazing. We’re shooting a video for that, and then we’re trying to get on a high school tour as well. Because what we want to do is latch onto the artists who are poppin, like the Lil Yachtys, Young Thug, even Lil Trippy who’s really growing right now. So we want to latch onto these artists and what we’re doing with the high school tours and stuff like that, battle videos. I’m putting out a “Humble” cover to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” and we redid it and redid the words and we just shot for it, so we’re about to put that out too. We shot a couple of other viral videos to put out too. We’re just working on a lot of new material to put out. If we could latch onto a Lil Yachty tour, man… that would be so lit. That’s my crowd, you know? The Kehlani crowds, the girls who like Young Thug, that’s my fan base, so we’ve been trying to latch onto that.

Featured image courtesy of Cydnee with a C

Stay tuned to Milk for more from ATL’s finest. 

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