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D.R.A.M. Made Us Sweat in the JamRoom for Google Play Music x Milk

If there was one word to describe what happened last night in the Milk JamRoom, it’s lituation (i.e. a lit situation). Well—that or sweatbox. Either way it was the absolute hottest (literally and figuratively) party you could be at on a Wednesday night, thanks to D.R.A.M. The musician brought out the cha cha for the fourth installment of the Google Play Music x Milk JamRoom partnership. While the basement filled up and Theophilus London, DJ’d with fiery beats (spinning under the moniker NY Theo), drinks were poured and sweat literally dripped from the rafters as the crowd swayed and overflowed into the much airier hallway. Weaving through bodies and dodging elbows, we caught sight of Sarah Snyder, Cipriana and TK Quann of Urban Bush Babes, Shaun White, Baja East’s Scott Studenberg, and Luka Sabbat.

As D.R.A.M. made his way to the stage, people refilled their cups in preparation. Luckily, the rapper didn’t just bring his music—he also graciously threw water from an open bottle into the crowd to keep things cool. Before closing out his set with his hit “Cha Cha,” D.R.A.M. showed off both his rap skills and vocal prowess with a set that delivered his unique combo of crooning chops and assertive rhymes. When we caught up with him backstage after the show, we had a chance to ask him about everything—from his unique sound to his crowd-pleasing set.

“I like rapping and singing. I’m a musician altogether, but if we want to marginalize it, I’m a singer that raps,” he explained before sharing the secret to performing such a sizzling set while drenched in sweat: “It felt hot as fuck but I survived by keeping the energy up, man. I fed off the energy. My favorite part of the night was everybody singing ‘You Are Very Special’ in unison. It felt like a real thing. The crowd was so loud. I was really into them.” And if the crowd’s endurance last night was any indication, the feeling was certainly mutual; even after D.R.A.M. finished his set and handed the stage back over to London, the crowd didn’t seem to diminish in the least.

After his set, D.R.A.M. joined the crowd to blow off some steam, get lit, and dance. While Sabbat cooled off next to the DJ booth, London brought out Off-white designer Virgil Abloh to drop a set that almost made us want to pull an all-nighter—which, incidentally, is exactly what D.R.A.M. had in mind for his Sleep No More-inspired post-show turn up. “I’m gonna get fucked up. We’re supposed to catch our flight at 6AM to Atlanta so there ain’t no point in even going to sleep.”


Check out more from D.R.A.M.on Google Play Music.

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle.

Stay tuned to Milk for an exclusive interview and video (featuring puppies) with D.R.A.M., and more from the Google Play Music x Milk partnership.

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