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#Dadcore Forever: The Fat Jew Runway Show

Jerry Seinfeld is a legitimate style icon, “dad bod” has become so zeitgeist-y that our own father texts us asking about it, and our hottest male stars are fathers like Chris Pratt. Besides giving us barbecue tips, lectures on personal responsibility, and literal life, dads have emerged as major trendsetters. If #dadcore means we get to drink a lot of beer and rock some khakis with Dr. Scholls to stave off arthritis, we are all in.

So is the Instagram-famous Fat Jew, aka Josh Ostrovsky, who made his MADE Fashion Week debut today at The Standard, High Line. Guests were greeted with a cooler full of PBR and custom koozies that read “Fatherhood: a lifestyle.” While ILoveMakonnen was seated in the front row, the real star of the show was Ostrovsky’s insanely adorable dog, Toast, who definitely beats Miley Cyrus when it comes to trademark tongues.

The show opened with a video featuring a mix of clips of dads doing dad stuff: mowing lawns, golfing, falling asleep in front of the TV. The models were all actual dads, and they strutted their stuff to major whoops and cheers. The soundtrack featured the very best in dad rock: The Eagles, Springsteen, Bon Jovi – it was perfect, but we definitely would have added some Steely Dan for the ultimate dad jams. The clothes were a mix of thrift shop finds and pieces from big box stores like Old Navy – standouts included a model in a tight black tank wearing a tie as a necklace, and an apron with The Godfather logo that read “The Grillfather,” that we would definitely pay big money for. Based on this outing, we think Ostrovsky might be the next Versace. We caught up with the Fat Jew after the show to get his take on fashion week.

How did you feel about the show?

The dads had as mediocre attitudes as I hoped they would. They came in and asked if they could go. I was like, “You just got here.” They were like, “Are we done? We have bills to pay and soccer games to go to. Are we done with whatever this is?”

Home Depot closes at a certain time.

Exactly. They’ve got belt sanders to buy!

How did you feel about the crowd?

Honestly amazing. Great energy and people were going hard. Fashion Week is a lot of… nobody is turnt. I want people to scream and if you want to say horrible shit, say it. If this is changing your life, scream it out!

Have you seen any other shows this season?

I went to the Karen Walker show, and her eyewear game is just phenomenal. I went to the Alexander Wang show as well.

How was that?

It was, you know, waify, androgynous Asian party boys, which I love. It was so ridiculous. Also, I crop dusted Nicki Minaj.

Check out our interview with the Fat Jew here

Photos shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle, Mitchell McLennan, and ReviveTheCool

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