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1/15 — Watching the sunset stoned with Marc Armitano Domingo at Sussi’s apartment before Pride weekend.



Dancing Naked at Holy Mountain with Sussi Suss [Pride Diary]

This year’s NYC Pride Parade is expected to surpass last years’ two million participants. In the wake of the the tragic Orlando massacre, the iconic Stonewall Inn was recently inducted as the first national LGBTQ landmark ever, and it seems as though New Yorkers and city transplants are prouder than ever. To celebrate, Milk enlisted three artists to capture their Pride festivities. Meet nightlife creature Sussi Suss, who was recently featured in Barney’s “Our Town” Spring 2016 campaign. Check out their photo diary in full below. 

It was an all LadyFag weekend for New York artist Sussi Suss. From Friday to Sunday, they hopped from Eleven Eleven and Holy Mountain to the gospel of Battle Hymn—serving looks night and day. But then again, it was Pride weekend, and watching the sunrise in heels was as much a part of the agenda as sweating off their makeup in the heat of the clubs. “It’s the time of the year when you have to turn it up a bit harder because people are really paying attention. It’s almost like a magnifying glass on our community during this time,” Sussi explained. “You have to bring it and throw some glitter to really make everyone feel comfortable.”

After a pre-Pride sunset with Marc Armitano Domingo and a trip to photographer Ethan James Green’s studio, Sussi was ready to embark on their weekend. Armed with enough looks to last a lifetime, they flitted about with a host of friends including Jordan Stawecki, Muffy, Aquaria, Hana Holquist, Miss Amanda Lepore, and more. It was a cast of characters fit for the drag movie of your dreams, swathed in just enough fabric to soak up the swirl-induced sweat.

Well… except for Holy Mountain, where Sussi and their crew soon learned they were no match for the sweltering sauna of a party. “Every single person was naked,” they said. “It was insane. It was almost comfortable because being naked was the only thing you could be.”

For more of our Pride photo diary series, check out Torraine’s and Carlos Santolalla’s. 

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Sussi. 

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