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Daniel W. Fletcher Makes A Political Statement at LFW Men’s

Times of political unrest always lead to a flurry of art and activism. Last season, English designer Daniel W. Fletcher used his designs and platform to make a bold and spur-of-the-moment declaration against Brexit, topping his models off with baseball caps displaying the word “STAY”—a plea for unity that his country ultimately voted against. This time around, Fletcher placed his models on platforms surrounded by political flyers urging spectators to vote, tapping into the intersection of youth and civil turbulence. While some designers try to create whole new worlds through fashion, Fletcher uses clothing and its presentation to partake in the conversations currently grabbing headlines. Oh, and the icing on the cake? The looks are really fucking cool.

Pulling inspiration from the ‘70s—another time marked by hefty cultural change—Fletcher is beginning to corner the market where men’s casual daywear meets luxury. Using a color palette full of creams, dark brown and navy blue, the collection highlights the use of intricate patchwork, inverted suits, leather pants and shaggy shearling vests. He does a solid job of capitalizing on a sense of nostalgia for a time that was similarly troubling. All in all, Fletcher’s work demonstrates how to be politically active and look damn good while doing it. Check out the looks in our slideshow, above.

Images via Vogue.com and @dinobonacic

Stay tuned to Milk for more politically active artists and designers.

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