A thrilling hangout with Orange Is The New Black's Dascha Polanco.



Dascha Polanco Took Me On An Interdimensional Journey [NYFW]

The last time I saw Orange is the New Black actress Dascha Polanco, she (or rather her OITNB character, Daya), was pointing a gun at a Corrections Officer. Chills. But outside of Litchfield, Polanco is obviously a lot more relaxed. She rolled into The Blonds’ SS17 show in a bodysuit and an intricately embroidered robe covered in flowers and the Virgin of Guadalupe (I think—unfortunately for my allergist, I am extremely Jewish). It was gorgeous, and she looked sexy, like the flame emoji times about a million.

I grabbed Polanco backstage after the show, and about two seconds into our interview, she greeted Teyana Taylor effusively, both of them hugging and squealing. When celebs run into each other, this is usually my cue to depart, but Polanco did something special: she smiled and grabbed my arm, pulling me into a VIP lounge, where she and Taylor spent a minute twerking against the wall. I felt like I had entered a special celebrity dimension, where everyone’s ass is beautiful and everything is possible. Thank you, Dascha Polanco.

@teyanataylor & I remaking that video… @theblondsny #nyfw

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You look incredible. Is this The Blonds?

Yes, this is The Blonds.

Is it custom?

Yes, yes it is.

And then the lips, are those Pat McGrath?

Yes, yes! [Laughs]

So how’s your Fashion Week going so far?

Pretty good, I was able to come here. It’s my first Blonds—not my first Fashion Week, but my first Blonds, and I’ve done a couple of fun ones so far.

Are you going to more shows?

I think this is it for me, this wraps it up.

How do you survive Fashion Week?

Deep breaths, relaxing, a little wine after.

And how do you and Teyana know each other?

We don’t, we just met!

When famous people meet, is there just an automatic bond?

No, because I’ve met some famous people that have been really rude to me.

Like who?

[Laughs] I can’t say, but they know! They know.

Is it tough to wear a bodysuit?

Kind of, because my butt is big and I keep trying to snap it.

What will you change into when you get home?

Sweats and a tee!

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr.

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