Dead. We are literally dead and on our way to meet Bowie at the gates of Hell.



David Bowie Stops Our Hearts w/ New Trailer for ★

David Bowie, proving once again that he is an ephemeral entity of pure joy and musical wonder, has announced his new album , pronounced Blackstar, along with a title track. But on top of all of that mind-blowing news, a trailer has just been released for a short film that will accompany it. While the record, his 25th, isn’t set to release until January 8th (his 69th birthday, nbd), the trailer and preview track will have to bide our aching hearts for now.

To describe this imminent Bowie come back as a religious experience is putting it very lightly. The song itself, featuring a suspenseful bassline and a haunting, echoey chorus, is the soundtrack we’ll be using when we go into a foggy forest for our David Bowie cult meetings. The trailer, directed by Johan Renck, is basically a ride on a ghost train straight to Spook City – making it’s Friday the 13th (also a day that a meteor is set to hit Earth) unveiling even more magical. It’s also worth noting that there are several appearances of an astronaut/spacesuit figure, perhaps another pointed reference to the frequently recurring Major Tom? Our hearts actually stopped when St. Bowie himself appeared with what looks like a Satanic Bible, proof that his recent comeback may have only been setting the stage for this.

While we’re all waiting for Bowie’s full resurrection, catch the short film at Nitehawk Cinema, in Brooklyn (tickets here), or on Palladia at 3:50PM EST next Thursday.

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