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Denzel Curry Talks Coachella, Florida, and Living for Yourself

Denzel Curry enters the media tent with a humble and calm vibe—also, sandwich in hand. Contrasting his relatively intense musical style, 22-year-old Curry’s disposition is tranquil in the blazing desert.

The artist released his first mixtape at the age of 16 with a track that caught the attention of SpaceGhostPurrp, a producer who’s worked with Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert and Juice J. Milk.xyz caught up with the Florida-born rapper to talk Coachella, the future, and dreams of Japan.

Is this your first time performing at Coachella?

No, the first time I was with SpaceGhostPurrp’s hip pop group called Raider Klan.

How did it feel to go solo after being in a group? 

I always see myself as an individual. So being solo is to really establish the individual that I always thought I was.

Where do you see yourself in the next two years? Any plans or goals worth noting?

Working on more killer music, making comic books, doing voiceovers and acting. I see myself as a full-blown artist.

What Floridian food would you recommend?

When you’re in Florida man, try some Jamaican food, Columbian food, Cuban food, Haitian food, Jamaican food…did I say Jamaican food twice? That means I probably like it that much, to say it twice. Pretty much anything from the islands; island food is the best.

If you were planning a tour, which places would you want to perform in? 

Most definitely it has to be Texas, California, New York, Boston, Miami of course…I want to go to Japan. I’ve never been.

You’ve never been to Japan? I used to live there to do my Buddhism studies.

What is it like being a Buddhist?

Being Buddhist is about benefiting others. So to me, the way I see you, you are a musician and you make great music. That’s beneficial to us because, if you think about it, without being cultivated by art and music, we’re just animals.

Yes, that is very true.

So Buddhism is about doing your thing, living life to benefit other people. Do you “live” for your fans, or yourself? 

Denzel: I live for myself, I just tell how it is to my fans.

Stay tuned to Milk for more namaste conversation with dope musicians.

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