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THE FAN's Elle Azhdari on New Capsule Collection, SUPER6

Elle Azhdari and Cristina Aranda-Garzon are in the business of balance; as the dream team behind THE FAN, they’re constantly blurring the line between nostalgia and cutting edge. It’s a commitment to the icons that shaped their ideas and experiences, and capsule collection SUPER6 perpetuates that trend: an ode to the six supermodels that dominated the ’90s fashion landscape (namely Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Kate Moss), SUPER6 is just as flashy, spunky, and retro as the its predecessor Megastar, and we’ll put our money on an equally fast sellout, too.

We sat down with Elle to talk her labor of love that is THE FAN, paying homage to the supermodel sisterhood of the ’90s, and all things SUPER6. Read our interview below and peep the slideshow for photos from the new collection, featuring yet another indie icon: Adwoa Aboah.

Tell our readers about yourself!

I’m Elle! I am one half of the duo and the Creative Director of THE FAN.

I’m born in Iran, raised in Sweden and studied in London, so that makes me a pretty well rounded, or a confused person. Currently a nomad, I’m based between Stockholm and London ’cause I can’t figure out where I want to live so I thought it would be pretty cool to do both. And it is. ‘Cause who would’ve thought I’d meet Michael Stipe and Patti Smith in Stockholm last week?! I’m also obsessed with imagery, here’s the proofan image of the state of my desktop…or the state of my mind…unnamedLet’s hear the rundown on THE FAN and SUPER6.

THE FAN is a high-end inspired sportswear label driven by popular culture and inspired by our individual idiosyncrasies and personal collections.

We want to do things our way, without giving much importance to seasons, trends, or dollar signs. This is a labour of love and passion; we categorically care about design, quality, fit, and style, and making products that reflect that in a visually pleasing aesthetic.

All our products are manufactured in London, and that is something we would love to continue with. We only produce limited edition runs and never repeat stock, and we truly cater to equally passionate people.

In July 2016 we released a very limited run of MA1 jackets and gilets adorned with the glamorous pop tone patches of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine covers alongside screen printed t-shirts. The jackets sold out in just a few weeks.

We are now launching our sophomore capsule collection SUPER6. This capsule is an homage to the ultimate supermodels of the ’90s and fan art, and celebrates a sisterhood that broke barriers beyond the pages of the fashion press. If you want a statement piece, SUPER6 is for you.

Your bomber from this past summer was everywhere. What was it like to see people like Dev Hynes and Theophilus London in something you created?

Yeah, it went viral real fast…I remember saying to a friend before launching the ‘Megastar’ MA1’s, “What if we don’t sell a single jacket?! I’ll die.” Just the other day he asked me if I was going to freak out like that again launching the SUPER6. Which of course I am as I speak.

I think I’m really bad at stopping and just taking it all in as it happens, you know? I think a lot of people are like that. Like, my mind has already moved onto the next concept and so on…but it’s ALWAYS so nice to see people wearing your designs, especially people who have a real sense of individual style like Adwoa. What’s exciting to see is how they style a piece and make it their own.

Give us some insight on the new capsule collection. We want to know everything!

We decided to go all out on SUPER6. Our thought process was like, let’s make some real cool quality statement jackets so that when we leave the house, hot guys are gonna ask for our number.

But on a serious note…that happens frequently. Both boys and girls come up to us. Some realize immediately who the supermodels on the patches are and light up, others think the Kate Moss patch is Lindsey Lohan or Kylie Jenner, et cetera…so it’s a pretty good conversation starter. And that’s the thing, as a brand we are really into counterculture, of eras gone especially, and feel it’s important to make the new generation aware of what happened before their time.

As mentioned earlier, the SUPER6 capsule is all about 90s supermodels because they kicked ass and were a true reflection of the times. These supermodels embody everything we wanted to capture in a capsule collection; vitality, quality, beauty, and strength.

What’s it been like to work with Adwoa Aboah as the face of the brand?

Well, she’s a superstar in her own right, isn’t she? She’s an old soul with a mindset of a modern woman. We wanted a vigorous spirit to wear the clothes, and Adwoa really has such a fantastic sense of style and personality, she’d look good in a black bin liner even! She has an inner strength that’s visible from afar and that’s really powerful. Couple that with her beauty and BAM!

I also love that Adwoa is constantly drawing from her personal experiences and via her platform Gurls Talk is raising awareness around subjects considered still to be “taboo,” and encouraging other girls to open up too. It’s an inspiration.

Any fun holiday plans?

I am Persian, so we don’t celebrate Christmas. So, I’m gonna go to the airport and just catch the first flight, it could be to anywhere, only criteria I’ve set for myself is that it needs to be around 20 degrees celsius. I don’t like it too hot or too cold. I like to do spontaneous things like that. I’ll send you guys a travel vlog!

Can’t wait to see! What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I think for most start-ups that’s a luxury. I feel there’s constantly things to do!

I love my work; I’m really lucky like that and am fully engrossed in that lifestyle. Going to the cinema, galleries, music gigs, flea markets, car boot sales, and browsing hours and hours in book shops etc is all inspiration and it fuels my creativity indirectly. I go through very obsessive periods where I make a ton of homemade juices and do yoga excessively. Most of all, my favorite passing time is to create mood boards. Could someone just hire me to create mood boards for them in my spare time?

Any new projects in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

Yes! We are following up with a fun drop in February ’17, celebrating another timeless icon, which should be wicked, and a few big collaborations coming up. We are also currently working on a real glossy fanzine. It’s funny, the things you can accomplish from the back of one MA1 jacket if you put your back into it.

But before all that happens…we are creating a playlist for you guys, so stay tuned!

Images courtesy of Emanuele D’Angelo

Stay tuned to Milk for more from our fave fashion mavens.

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