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Digital Love: Cakes da Killa

In celebration of Pride Month, we’re spotlighting old Internet lovers and friends, many of whom made queer love, in all its digital forms, possible in the early aughts. What kind of love letter would you write to those special folks? How would you thank them for helping you make it through? First up, we asked rapper and LGBTQ hip hop pioneer, Cakes da Killa. Read his letter, below. 

Dear Jonte Moaning,

I’ve always thought of myself as a confident fem. From coming out in the 3rd grade, dressing in whatever I wanted to dress in, dying my hair to painting my nails—as a teen I was living a carefree black gay lifestyle before the media gave everyone the green light to.

Looking back though I realized even with all that confidence I still was policing myself in some ways. I mean, I did things other boys in my suburban neighborhood would never do but I also knew when I was getting too close to that edge. Well discovering your videos pushed me right off that cliff and my life has never been the same.

Your Myspace opened my eyes to the world I knew I would one day be apart of, escaping the mundane routine of suburbia to become a full carry in New York nightlife. For the first time I also felt like I could be this alternative freak and still be respected as a professional. I mean, you are so unapologetically yourself and have worked your ass off to collaborate with industry heavy hitters, inspired a generation of dancers and shifted the stereotype of what a black male dancer has to be. Every tilt you do in your pumps is like a big fuck you to the haters and that was the final push I need to really live without a care.

Thank you for giving black femmes the strength to stand strong in their stilettos and lashes too.

Forever indebted,

Images courtesy of Sam Evans-Butler

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