Distract Yourself with a Twin Peaks Dancing Game

PSA for all of us eagerly anticipating the grand return of Twin Peaks: a computer game based on David Lynch’s cult classic is now available online, to keep you busy during this time of need. It’s called Fire Dance With Me (what else), and it is a stroke of genius.

Here’s the scoop: Leland Palmer, arguably the most terrifying character, is waltzing all by himself looking for someone, anyone, to answer his tears of desperation and just dance. This time around though, instead of sitting on your couch pained and helpless, you and your couch buddy can help a brother out–as Special Agent Dale Cooper, Little Man, Audrey Horne or Log Lady’s Log. Swaddling a weeping Leland Palmer with lots of love and sweet moves, each character brings their signature to the floor: Dale Cooper with coffee in hand (obviously), Little Man with his big moves, Audrey Horne with the sway we all know and love, Log Lady’s Log—motionless (but hey, we’ve all been there?)

Nor do we Log Lady, nor do we.

So it’s not the new season, it’s not another movie, but it is the answer to the prayers we never knew we had. And it is available right here, right now. But if playing’s not your forte, here’s some clips of the actual characters dancing for your viewing pleasure:

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