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Dreams Do Come True: Stream Bob Ross for a Whole Week

What are you doing for the next week? Well, if you want to avoid the over zealous Halloween crowds there’s now a good alternative to the holiday festivities: watching Bob Ross paint.

Over on, a video streaming platform that generally focuses on video games, a Bob Ross “Joy of Painting” marathon of epic proportions is taking place. In honor of their new “Creative” channel, which focuses on watching people make art instead of watching people pretend to kill people, the site is streaming every episode ever of our curly-haired art guru. Starting yesterday at 5pm, the 403 episodes of Bob Ross’s PBS show are playing back-to-back-to-back.


It’s coming at a great time. To offset the stress of a holiday that’s basically just drinking for anyone over 16 you can tune in to listen to the soothing voice and watch the comforting brush strokes of Bob Ross as he paints his way through happy accidents and foksy landscapes. Apparently, the appeal is pretty universal. At the time of writing, the Bob Ross stream has over 60,000 viewers, all live-chatting away. It’s strangely endearing to see thousands of Internet strangers react in real time to “Joy of Painting”: commenting on brush strokes, making lame jokes, and using way too many emojis.

So, if you’re craving some human interaction, some artistic inspiration, or just miss Bob Ross being a presence in your life, tune in to the stream and get your landscape on!

Tune into the bliss right here.

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