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Dreamy Stylist Vanna Youngstein Shares her Style Secrets

Yesterday we launched our 99 Cent Store series with the ever-charming Brit, Ms. Vanna Youngstein. And today, we’re coming back atcha with more from the smoldering NYC-based stylist—a little Q&A, to be more precise. Read on to find out her biggest style inspirations and the three items in her closet she couldn’t live without.

You’re “Vanna Kitty” on Instagram and Twitter—Kitty isn’t your middle name, is it? 

Someone gave me the name actually! And I am really scared of cats so it’s not about a love for cats—it’s because I love Hello Kitty so everyone just calls me Vanna Kitty. I have lots of nicknames; Bambi is another one.

What would you say is the most unexpected item in your closet? 

Wow, I have so many! My entire wardrobe is made up of unexpected pieces. In my kit at the moment I actually have witches’ fingers—not to do with Halloween. I just have them ready for a shoot. I guess that’s the weirdest one.

🌹Feelin Rosey🌹rg @williamstrobeck

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What’s your go-to piece for fall?

I would say turtlenecks and fluffy sweaters. And definitely anything velvet; velvet’s my favorite. I basically just dress like Twin Peaks for the entire season.

What are some of your favorite spots in NYC? Does your style ever depend on where you’re going?

Some of my favorite places are The Carlyle, Pyramid Club, Forget Me Not, and Great Jones. I believe in just dressing for how you’re feeling [that] day—I think that I’m always wearing my style no matter where I go. It’s always important to stay true to yourself because it always goes wrong if you try to dress for a certain place or occasion.


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Is there an outfit you’ve worn that’s stuck with you?

Yes. I always go through phases, and then just wear a variation of that outfit for months on end. I think the one that is always with me is kilts and miniskirts; I’m forever in Empire Records. I’m stuck in that era or something. I’m trying to get out of that but I think that’s something that’ll always be with me.

If you could grab only three items out of your closet to keep forever, what would they be? 

Apart from teddy bears…I’d grab my varsity jacket. I have tons of varsity jackets but there’s this one that was made custom for me and it’s been with me since I was a kid, so I’d grab that. And I would grab any jewelry that belonged to my grandmother. And my boyfriend’s jacket.

If you could tell the world anything about you, what would it be?

I’m a firm believer in being kind. I’m really into respecting everyone and treating others as you’d want to be treated. That’s the main thing.

Images via Purple, Instagram, and Twitter.

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