Wendy Whelan and Jack Soto costumed in Dries Van Noten



Dries Van Noten Designs Costumes For Noh Theatre piece

It is no secret that when it comes to major designer brands, we might just play favorites. Without fail, our little eyes spy the always stunning and fresh work of Dries Van Noten. Today we are extra-super psyched because THIS JUST IN: the designer will be collaborating with choreographer David Michalek on his adaption of Japanese Noh theater classic, Hagoromo at BAM.

photo via. David Michalek

Get your grandma’s spectacles ready; Noh–derived from Sino-Japanese word for “skill”–is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama defined by slow, controlled, minimalistic choreography. The play will star the New York City Ballet former principal dancers Wendy Whelan and Jock Soto; strong, stunning, talented angel-folk. According to Vogue, the remaining strong, talented angel-folk chorus will consist of opera singers, a live orchestra, twenty girls from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and puppets that can fly.  The tale is perfect for them: an enchanted robe is mistakenly dropped from the Palace of the Moon and in order for the held-responsible supernatural being to retrieve it, he must dance for a fisherman. Aka we are #blessed and while the show is sold out, we might try to find some shady tickets.

As for the designs specifically, Van Noten is set on delicately colored silk kimonos that will symbolically organize the characters by status. On earth they wear browns and greens, while nude, lilac, orange, and sky-blue signify the complex dynamics of the celestial characters. Further highlights? A feather-print costume, the sacred cloth, and Soto’s fishy-printed costume.


Van Noten’s comment is the halo encircled cherry on top. “A designer’s work must inevitably encompass the movement of a body in day to day life,” he said. “Collaborating with a choreographer greatly heightens this reality and pushes my understanding of a garment even further than I expect. This is a rare and treasured moment.”

A rare and treasured moment indeed.

Hagoromo will run Nov. 3-Nov. 8 2015 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theatre

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