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Hannibal Buress' #JusticeForFlint Takes On Michigan Water Crisis

Hannibal Buress has been killin’ it lately. His ongoing portrayal of smiley dentist Lincoln in Comedy Central’s smash hit Broad City is as charming as ever. He’ll join Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins as hosts in the variety show Live at 9:30, which will offer a veritable smorgasbord of music, comedy, and interviews from the famed DC nightclub. And, today, he was named master of ceremonies for #JUSTICEFORFLINT, a benefit event from Creed director Ryan Coogler that’ll challenge Oscar night’s pearlescent whiteness with political activism.

Never change.
Never change.

In a statement, Coogler assured Buzzfeed that the timeslot headbutt with the Oscars was coincidental, although the fact that the event includes snubs like Coogler and Selma director Ava DuVernay works nicely with the “anti-Oscars” narrative. According to Coogler, the real significance of the date can be found in how it falls on the final day of Black History Month. #JUSTICEFORFLINT‘s proceeds will benefit the community of Flint, Michigan, where a tragic water crisis has been unfolding for nearly two years.

DuVernay and Coogler
Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler fight for POC representation on and offscreen

In response to the crisis, Ryan Coogler has teamed up with the Blackout for Human Rights collective to bring the event to Flint’s own Whiting Auditorium. Singer and outspoken activist Janelle Monáe will also make an appearance, and, we presume, completely obliterate our expectations. You can join in and watch #JUSTICEFORFLINT live on this Sunday, February 28th, at 5:30 PM EST.

While we wait for the weekend, we’ll leave you with Coogler’s full statement: “With the #JUSTICEFORFLINT benefit event we will give a voice to the members of the community who were the victims of the choices of people in power who are paid to protect them, as well as provide them with a night of entertainment, unity, and emotional healing. Through the live stream we will also give a chance for people around the world to participate, and to donate funds to programs for Flint’s youth.”

Cover image courtesy TIME. Images courtesy Giphy, Vanity Fair.

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