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Drug Dealer Turns Meth Into Art

This drug traffic, on its way to masterpiece, ended up taking a really wrong turn for 30-year old Omar Palencia, but a really right one for the Florida authorities who sentenced him to 22 years in prison. Merging one of the most respected industries in the country with one of the most fraudulent, Palencia combined the prestige of art-dealing with the thrill of drug-dealing in appropriating the newest career in the job market: Drug art dealer. Not only were they combined in a figurative nature, but also pretty fucking literally, like… in a physical nature. Palencia was found to have had three mosaic-tiled vases containing $600,000 worth of meth shipped to his home from Mexico, last week. If you’re wondering how the hell drug-filled pottery found its way across the border, you’re just not thinking outside the box because, you see, it wasn’t that simple. The methamphetamine found in the pots was actually found on them, melted into a paste that bound each mirrored tile to the ceramic vases.

Impressed? Concerned? Inspired? Don’t get any ideas. Undercover agents caught the Picasso-Chapo hybrid when he was apparently “looking for someone to convert [the meth] out of its current form into a sell-able form.” That part proved both complicated and exploitive, when authorities caught Palencia transporting the methed out vases in a duffel bag on surveillance cameras that they had installed themselves. Florida retains its reputation as one of the most suss states in America with this one.

Source: NBC

Image and video via NBC

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