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drunkMall is Your One Stop Drunk Shop

We’ve all had those nights that end with one glass (or bottle…) of wine too many. We’ve also all woken up the next morning wondering why anyone would order a cheeseburger ball gag, or a Hello Kitty butt plug, or a Wake ‘n’ Bake Mug with Built-In Pipe – wait, that one’s actually genius. Either way, they are things that exist on the internet, and you can drunkenly purchase them all on drunkMall, the equivalent of SkyMall’s drunk aunt.

The site, founded by Tyler Mahan Coe, aggregates all of the dumbest shit that you’ve ever wanted from the void of the web and presents it with the some of the funniest captions ever.

Need a gigantic pair of googly eyes? BOOM!

drunk googly eyes

How about a taxidermy bat in a shadow box? It’s yours!

drunk bat

Unicorn hand puppet? Yeah they have that too.

drunk unicorn
So why scour the internet for the perfectly dumb things your drunk mind wants? After all, their tagline is, ‘Take 2 aspirin and check your credit card statement in the morning.’

Grab a bottle of wine and get your shopping on at drunkMall!

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