Due to new Grammy regulations, Chance the Rapper could take over the awards ceremony.



Due To New Grammy Rules, Chance The Rapper Could Win Big

For next year’s 59th Annual Grammy Award Show, the rules are changing. We’ve abandoned cassettes, Kanye West swore off CDs, and if you’re in touch with 21st century at all, yelling “Hand me the AUX cord!” to your Uber driver tells us our future–and it is in the hands of streaming music. The way we listen to music has changed and, as a result, so have the regulations for the most revered music award show: The Grammys.

The Grammys have now allowed stream-only recordings eligible for nominations. The streaming music must come from “paid subscription, full catalogue, on-demand streaming/limited download platforms that have existed as such within the United States for at least one full year as of the submission deadline,” according to the Grammy Recording Academy press release. Originally, only music that was available commercially through general distribution or digital recordings/downloads, which specifically prevented streaming services, was qualified for a Grammy nomination.

Chance the Rapper, born Chancelor Bennet, is one of the catalysts for this change–we would argue that he’s basically the leader of the free-music world. Chance made history by becoming the first artist to reach the Billboard 200 Chart’s Top 10 strictly based on streaming. He supported a petition to allow free music to be eligible for a Grammy nomination, and while he wasn’t even booked for this year’s Bonnaroo, he still showed up and turned a silent disco into a private Chance the Rapper concert. His latest album, Coloring Book, premiered on Apple Music in May, but it’s now available on Spotify, Tidal, and even SoundCloud. Now, Coloring Book could potentially grab a Grammy nom due to the regulation revisions, without having sold a single CD, or even being affiliated with a record label.

Besides this monumental change that will surely alter future generations of musicians, The Grammys have recognized other categories that were in need of a little tune-up. Now, to be eligible for Best New Artist, the artist/duo/group must release at least five singles, or one album, but not any more than 30 tracks or three albums. The artist also isn’t allowed to be in the category over three times, which is kind of sad anyway. The amount of categories a voter is allowed to vote in decreased from 20 to 15, to ensure that people are choosing artists from categories that they actually know about. In case you weren’t super familiar with the Gospel or American Roots categories, no need to worry.

“I’m proud of this year’s changes because they’re a testament to the artists, producers, and writers – the people who rolled up their sleeves to shape the proposals and, in turn, the future of the Grammys,” said Bill Freimuth, Senior Vice President of Awards for The Recording Academy.” “It’s exactly what they should be doing. It’s their award.”

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