Eagles of Death Metal Talk Paris Shootings in Heartbreaking Video

One of the most horrific attacks in Paris earlier this month was that during the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan. The band was quick to issue a statement sharing their condolences and thanking those offering support, and now they’re telling all in their first interview since the November 13th attacks. This Saturday, VICE released a preview of their upcoming talk with the leading duo of the band, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme.

The video, while under a minute long and mostly silent, is heartbreaking. Hughes and Homme talk about the attack at the Bataclan, and the horror is palpable. “People were playing dead, and they were so scared,” Hughes says, his voice wavering. “A great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn’t leave their friends, and so many people put themselves in front of people.”

Though all members of the band survived, 118 people at the venue were killed. In the interview, Hughes recounts a particularly harrowing moment when the attackers were able to get into their dressing room, where several people were hiding. They “killed every one of them,” he says, “except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket.”

The full interview, to be released some time this week, will offer an interesting and incredibly intimate perspective on the events. People in the comment section, however, are raising some questions about the ethics of how the news outlet presented the preview. Some are very unhappy about it, calling VICE out for sensationalizing the tragedy. “This is a somewhat crass approach,” one person wrote on the comment section of the interview. “You present it like celebrity gossip.” These negative comments seem to be in reference to the fact that VICE has dropped a preview, like the trailer for a particularly disturbing movie.

Another commenter points out that Josh Homme was not even performing at the show when it was attacked, as indeed he wasn’t. “This is just Vice getting a big name for Youtube hits,” they write. This assertion, however, is not entirely fair. Homme, through his charity organization the Sweet Stuff Foundation, is asking for donations to benefit those affected by the attacks. And as a member of the band, he is for better or worse inextricably linked to the tragic events. A third commenter echoes this sentiment, adding that “he may be there to lend moral support for the tragedy his friend is likely still living. Josh has said in prior interviews he is ‘protective’ of Jesse as they’re childhood friends.”

It’s a good thing to always be mindful about how information is presented, and to continue to remember all who were affected and continue to be affected by attacks like this one. At the same time, though, the importance of any discussion on the subject, especially one as genuine as this seems, should not be understated. As hard as it will be to watch, this interview looks like it will shed some light on the situation on a personal level, and hopefully will also provide some sense of solidarity for those who lost loved ones.

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