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Easy Socks Turns Personal DMs Into Dope Ass Tracks

Constantly scrolling through IG for inspo is no unique habit, but turning ultra personal posts (and DMs) into ultra public tracks? Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. Meet Easy Socks, i.e. Hale Sheffield: an NYC native, and a mere 18-years-old, she’s using her gifting for lyricism and melody to translate others people’s memories (as well as her own, of course) into dope ass songs.

Most recently, “I Know What Your Mama Thinks Of Me” comes to mind, but she’s also got another up her sleeve, dropping on the 22nd, which touches directly on a damn good lesson: remembering that your worth is not connected to how others (in her case, a guy) perceive you. Apparently, there’s much to be learned from this teen, and obviously, she’s just getting started. Catch our full chat with the songstress below, and make sure to peep the gallery above for exclusive images shot by Sebastian Matthew for MILK.XYZ.

So you’re a born-and-raised New Yorker, right?

Yeah. I was born on the Lower East Side, and I moved to Brooklyn when I was seven or eight.

Wow, cool. How did you first become interested in music?

It was actually my parents, my mom and my dad both never had a chance to play music when they were younger, so then they really pushed that it was something I did, I wanted to be a ballerina.

So when did it become your own passion?

It became a bigger thing when I was in middle school, because it felt like people were deciding what they wanted to do with their lives or deciding what high school to go to. That’s when I started becoming more focused and involved and then throughout high school it just became more and more of a thing. And now we’re here.

Cool. So do you record at your home or at a studio? What’s your process like?

Yeah I do both! I started at home, and then sometimes I record things in the studio, I’m going to record more things in the studio at school, but even last week I wrote a new song and I did it in my dorm, like sitting on the floor with a bunch of pillows around me.

That’s awesome. Can you tell me about the song or is it still under wraps?

No, I can definitely tell you about it! It’s about, I have a show on the 22nd, and we’re releasing the song as part of the invitation to the show, so I can definitely give you more information about the show, and then also about the single. Yeah, but it’s like another one of those… it’s kind of like a… reminding yourself that you’re a little better than the guys you think are too good for you are. I don’t know if I phrased myself correctly but it’s one of those like, “Oh like whatever, you’re cool and you’re cute but you kind of turn up for nothing and what are you doing with your life?”

Totally. Do you feel like the songs you write are from specific experiences that you’ve had?

Yeah, I like had a weird interaction with this guy I liked, and it didn’t go very well, and it ended up just like going into my dorm room and like writing the song and like not thinking about it again.

Do you feel like that process of writing and getting it out gives you a sense of relief?

Yeah absolutely. It’s really easy to feel like… it’s like writing something and then burning it almost, like you’re writing something and making it beautiful and then other people can feel it too, you know?

Yeah, I think it’s interesting because some people write in a diary, and then it never sees the light of day, but when you write stuff that’s so personal a lot of people hear it.

It’s like weird, but at the same time it’s good because those diary entries are life-changing for people and no one ever gets to see them. But for me they do.

Have you ever had a cool responses from people who feel connected to the experience?

Yeah! For a while I wrote songs for other people, I wrote a whole album actually with people giving me stories about people that they loved and had relationships with, and that was really cool because it was like, oh my god, I sent this to my ex-boyfriend and like, he felt so shitty, or like I get to give my partner this really cool song about us. But now even when I’m writing about myself it feels good to know when people message me, they’re like, “Oh my god this felt so good,” or “I was so happy to listen to this,” or “I listened to this on a sad day and now I feel totally better,” that’s really heartwarming and i think that’s the whole reason why I’m doing this.

Yeah. When you’re saying that you write a whole album about other people’s experiences and love, is it different than writing about your own experiences and love versus other people’s?

Yeah! I think it’s much easier to write about other people’s because I don’t have to be self-reflective, and I think it’s really good to not have to think about your own issues and what’s making you sad. It’s not good but it’s also good. I think it’s easier to write about other people and it even feels a bit more fulfilling because there’s always an immediate reaction to the song for someone, but I think writing about myself in the long haul feels a lot better because it’s something real and true and honest and about me, and I don’t have to sugar coat it with someone else’s emotions.

When you’re feeling uninspired or are looking for a fresh idea, what’s the first thing you do or the first place you go?

I go right to Instagram. I get a lot of really wild DMs from people telling me about their crazy relationships or ex-boyfriends, it feels overwhelming when I’m not in a moment where I want to be giving people help, but when I’m creatively into it, like people tell me really long and like detailed stories about good love and bad love and it’s always a really good for me to jump start.

I’m kind of surprised that people just send you such personal direct messages.

It’s wild, honestly it’s wild.

What’s the craziest one that you’ve gotten?

Apparently this girl, well her fiancé… like she kind of got left at the altar, and it wasn’t even that crazy but she just got heartbroken and was in denial about all of it.

Oh my god, how is that not crazy!

I know! I don’t really understand, like I can’t even think about marriage let alone being left at the altar.

Wow. That’s wild. So I know you said you have a song coming out but what’s in the timeline for you for the rest of the year?

I have a big show on the 22nd in Brooklyn, and then from there, I have two other songs I’m putting out, and then I’m putting out my album, which is going to be really cool. From there, who really knows? I don’t. A lot more music, a lot more shows.

Last question: is there a meaning behind Easy Socks?

Easy Socks was created by one of my old friends named Isabella, and we chose between Time Flop or Easy Socks and she chose Easy Socks and I put it on Instagram in like 2015, and now we’re here in 2017, almost 2018 and it really stuck.

[Laughs] So it’s totally random?

Yeah it was like a random word generator.


It suits me in a way, which doesn’t really make sense. [Laughs]

Well, not everything has to make sense.


Stay tuned to Milk for more rising New York City natives. 

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