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Ebhoni on 'Mood Ring', Killing Roses, And Beyonce

Drake may have staked a lifelong claim to his Canadian roots, but there’s a new kid on the block, and it appears that there is indeed room for not one superstar, but two. Enter Ebhoni: who, at just 16-years-old, has taken SoundCloud (and Toronto) by storm, with a sound that mixes R&B, pop, and electronic melodies to perfect proportions. With a newly released “Killing Roses” single (listen to it below) under her belt and an upcoming EP in the works, we thought it was about damn time we sat down with Canada’s new favorite artist.

Peep the full interview below, and stay tuned for her Milk Weekend Playlist, dropping on Friday afternoon.

I’d love to start with your soon-to-be-released EP, Mood Ring. Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind that and what it’s all about?

Mood Ring is really about all the things I’ve been through and things that I’m sure anyone can relate to. One being relationships—I’m sure if you’re in a relationship sometimes you feel as though you wanna be with that person, and then you don’t; or one minute you’re happy and the next minute you’re sad. It’s really about a relationship that’s like a rollercoaster ride. So it’s literally been my emotions throughout an entire relationship that I’ve been in—that’s why I called it “Mood Ring.” Because a mood ring changes based off of your feelings…kind of how my mood changed while being in a relationship.

Dope. And the single that you released last spring, “How Does It Feel”—can you talk about that one?

That was actually the first song I’ve ever released on SoundCloud and I wrote that when I was 12 years old. And it was so weird because I actually started out on Youtube, so I used to do Youtube covers and then I started writing and then my mom brought me to a studio and I started recording and that was one of the first songs I actually recorded. And then I got introduced to SoundCloud because I actually wasn’t familiar with it at the time, so I was like okay, “What would I really put out?” So I went back and I listened to “How Does It Feel” and I changed some parts. Then after we did the production over again, I released it…so yeah, that’s actually a really old song.

Do you think your sound has evolved since that first single until now, with the Mood Ring EP?

Yes, I would say so. I would say I definitely grew as an artist. I think I found my own lane of music. I found what I like to make, what I enjoy making, what I like singing about, and what type of production I like. So I definitely think I grew since “How Does It Feel.” 

I know that you get placed in the R&B genre a lot, but how would you describe your sound and what makes it unique?

This is so hard for me…because most people say that it’s like pop/electronic. I definitely think my music is pop and it’s poppy and it does have an R&B feel to it. And I also think it’s electronic. In a way my voice and the effect I have over my voice…I think it makes me sound electronic. But I would definitely say it’s a pop, electronic, R&B fusion.

Totally. So with SoundCloud you’ve obviously gotten so much traction. Is that something you predicted? How did that happen?

Honestly this goes back to “How Does It Feel.” When I was on YouTube, making YouTube covers, I was getting over 200k views on a cover. I only put out two music videos before I moved to SoundCloud. But I also took a little break from YouTube so my traction went down and I actually took that break and started writing music. So when I got back on SoundCloud, it was like I was starting over. And it’s crazy because the first day I released “How Does It Feel”, I kept asking my mom what she thought would happen, because I honestly did not know half the things I know about SoundCloud that I know now. I didn’t know who would pick it up, who would like it, or who would listen to it, or what people were interested in. So I was perfectly fine with getting like 400 views in 24 hours.

And then I released my second song on SoundCloud and I built my traction by releasing music like every other month. And it honestly helped me and it helped build the fan base that I have now. So that’s really what I’ve been doing—releasing one song every month just to keep the momentum going. It’s helped me a lot.

Can you talk about your most recently released single, “Killing Roses”?

Yeah, so “Killing Roses” is the first single off of my EP Mood Ring, and that one is actually a beat I got a long time ago and I went back and started listening to, and I loved the dance vibe it gave me. And I figured out the melody and just started thinking about killing roses are like…when you go back and forth in a relationship: do you love me or do you love me not? So it’s honestly based off of my emotions in that moment that I got from that beat. I got the feeling of when you’re in a relationship and you don’t know if you guys are on good terms or bad terms or if they love you or they don’t or if you love them or you don’t or what you really want from that relationship. And that’s honestly the feels that production gave me.

Dope. So do you have any dream collaborations or anyone you would just kill to work with?

Beyonce. I would honestly kill to work with Beyonce. I honestly love her. I watch all of her videos, I watch all of her interviews, I watch her live. She would be my dream collaboration, definitely.

Definitely a good choice! I know that what’s next for you is pretty much the EP and the “Killing Roses” music video, but do you have any long term goals for the rest of this year or even further?

I would say definitely to grow as an artist. To become worldwide. I would love to hopefully have a tour for my EP. I want to do more music videos, just showing people things that they’ve never seen me do before. It would really just be growing and becoming worldwide and really moving from just being a SoundCloud artist into something more.

Featured image courtesy of Thierry Bethwane

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