Edward Snowden Joins Twitter, Internet Lolz Ensue

Edward Snowden is known for many things: his yogi girlfriend, his affinity for Russian winters, the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to play him in a biopic… Oh, and the whole whistleblowing on the NSA thing. As Snowden becomes less of a rogue national security threat and more of a pop culture icon, he’s out to conquer a new mission. Instead of taking on the overreach of surveillance in the USA, Snowden is taking on his toughest foe yet: Twitter.

Unfortunately, Snowden is definitely not as good at Twitter as he is at making nice with Putin. It’s okay Snowden, we get it! That social media brand thing is hard — maybe you should take some tips from your girlfriend! — but we’re sure you’ll get it. While he’s only tweeted seven times — and only follows the NSA — he’s already made a dad joke and mentioned cat pictures. In other words, Snowden is just barfing up some classic Internet memes onto your Twitter timeline.

In classic Milk fashion, we’re here to help! So we’ve rounded up some Twitter suggestions for the ex-NSA agent. We’re all about a low-key, casual Snowden. No caps, no problem! If you’re going to be Internet, might as well be as Internet as possible.

  1. . @ggreenwald miss u bb
  2. feeling v napoleon re: this russian winter lol
  3. miss my girlfriend almost as much as i miss pizza :(
  4. feel like i’m always RUSSIAN (get it? get it?)
  5. @NSA i’m watching uuuuuu

Photo via Christopher Lane

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