Eight Songs To Soundtrack Your Witch-tastic Halloween

Only one more non-Halloweekend to go until the spookiest day of the year is upon us. So that means this is the appropriate time to start getting in the Halloween mood, right? Well, we are at least. And what’s a better way than to listen to music from the spookiest gals — and guys — in the game. To help you on your quest to the perfect Halloween spirit (not the dead kind) we’ve rounded up some witchy music to brew you cauldron love spell to. Or revenge spells. We won’t judge! 

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

As well as being a perfect song to run up hills to, Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is a perfect witchy song. Bush’s cooing vocals over the drum heavy, pounding beat are very “come hither and let me kill you” which is honestly the perfect Halloween inspo. Plus, the video features some nice 80’s soft lighting and modern dance, which is very new age Wiccan. 

Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten

Something about Angel Olsen’s voice makes everything sounds like a beautiful threat. The entire song sounds like something you would sing to the lover you haven’t gotten over and are debating whether or not to cast a spell on, which is a sound we can get behind. Plus, Angel Olsen is just damn good at making utterly bewitching music.

CocoRosie – Werewolf

The song might be called “Werewolf” but it’s definitely feels more like a song about some sad witch looking back on her past. We love our magical women to be vulnerable! Also, have you seen CocoRosie perform live?! It’s an experience to say the least. They basically are the modern day witches of our dreams. No one can resist singing sisters.

The Cramps – Fever

In our humble opinion, boys can be witches. And our number one vote for boy witch is frontman of the Cramps, Lux Interior. He’s kinda slimy, but in a way that’s not off-putting. Plus, the Cramps version of “Fever” is forever imprinted in our minds as one of the spookiest songs in the world.

Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

Saying that Stevie Nicks is Queen of the Witches is pretty passe in a post-American Horror Story: Coven world, but like how could you not think that? She obviously is. Also, as Nicks says in the clip above “Rhiannon” is about a witch! Hot Tip: anyone who twirls in a shawl is probably a witch.

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

Okay, so this is undoubtedly a song about being on a drug trip — also Jefferson Airplane was undoubtedly psychedelic. But that’s pretty witchy, isn’t it?! Presumably, most modern day witches are really into Alice In Wonderland and maintain that the entire thing is an allegory for the female experience. Anyways, Grace Slick looks powerful as fuck in this video.

Velvet Underground (feat. Nico) – Femme Fatale

A sweet song about a killer-lady — not a lady killer! C’mon, femme fatale is basically just the modern way to say witch. The Velvet Underground definitely made a song about a witchy woman. And Nico’s dark vocals definitely add to the whole witchy vibe of the song.

Beach House – Tokyo Witch

Beach House always brings the vibes. But this tune definitely has the spookiness edge. This song is perfect for sadly flying through the night sky, alone on your broomstick, while thinking about your lost loves. Honestly though, most Beach House songs could be soundtracking that exact moment too…

Stay tuned to Milk for spooky tips this Halloween season! 

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