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Eli & Fur Talk Coachella, Friendship, & Road Trip-Worthy Tunes

With Coachella 2K17 under our belts and a slew of summer festivals fast approaching, we snuck in one last sit-down with a DJ duo that just can’t be missed: Eli & Fur. Self-proclaimed British besties, these two have been working together since they were teens, and it shows—their chemistry, friendship, and general mastery of cool does not go unnoticed.

We sat down with Eli & Fur after Coachella to talk their festival favorites, upcoming music, and travel tips when you find yourself on the road; check the full interview below.You ladies have been on the road for quite a bit this year already, right?

Eli: We have, yeah, we have, actually you know, I say that, we’ve been in the studio January and February, pretty much March in the studio and then we’ve just started touring the last month. So we’re now back into it, and now it’s kind of intense.

So house and electronic music are sort of synonymous with going out at night and dancing in a dark club, how was it playing outdoors and during daylight hours at Coachella? 

E: I think, personally, it’s really great. A lot of times we play in kind of dark club, everything we play has a darkness to it for sure. Actually as people, we like to have fun and just go for it. In the sun and especially with The Do Lab that we played, there’s a lot of daytime energy which is a challenge but we absolutely loved it. Another thing which we haven’t done is play in that kind of heat. They were spraying a hose everywhere and it was insane. It was really amazing and you get to play stuff you usually wouldn’t get to play.

What sort of things do you play to mix it up for a daytime crowd?

E: I think sometimes the energy needs to be a little higher. You can bring it down though and play something that works in that environment, like the more chill, summery stuff—the stuff that doesn’t work in a dark club.

Fur: It was so hot, even hotter the second weekend.

You are playing a lot of festivals all around the world, of course club dates, but lots of electronic festivals in Europe. Do either of you have a dream festival to play or time slot?

E:  SXM Festival.

F: In Saint Martin.

E: Yeah, yeah!

F: It just looks incredible. It’s in the Caribbean on the beach.

E: You can’t go wrong with that.

F: I’m trying to think of all the other ones.

E: I’d love to go back and play…there’s so many. It’s funny because Coachella was a real dream.

F: Yeah….

E: That’s one of the ones we’ve always wanted to play. In terms of European festivals, it’s the last year of Secret Garden Party. We’ve played there, but for time slot, the Pagoda stage.

F: Yeah, the Pagoda at sunset. Peak time.

E: That would be amazing. It’s their last year now, so I don’t know if we’ll be able to do it, but I think they’re doing something else as well. That location is so beautiful, it’s just an amazing festival so it’s sad it’s finishing, but the funny thing is the UK festivals are so saturated.

That’s everywhere now it seems…

E: But it’s great, because you can then go out, you can basically be at a festival whenever you want. Also SXSW would be great to play.

F: Yeah.

E: There’s loads, all the US festivals.

Was there anyone you saw at Coachella that we should get hip to or wish you had seen?

E: Solomon was awesome, but Solomon is always really awesome. Oh and Majid Jordan.

F: That was really cool.

E: I thought Lorde was amazing. Who else? Drake…with Future. That was exciting. Tale of Us. They’re really good. They keep you patient. They keep it dark and it’s like, “What’s going to happen?” and then it’s like, “Wow.” It’s an amazing thing to watch. It’s really clever how they do it. We saw quite a lot but those were the ones that stood out.

You two have been writing new music and releasing tracks consistently every few months, some with vocals. Are we going to see a live show or live vocals anytime soon?

E: It’s definitely on the horizon. I think we’re just going to start incorporating parts of it into our DJ sets and kind of do it that way and see how it goes. It’s 100 percent something we want to do but we don’t want to rush it. We want to be confident with it and I think that will be the next step to focus on. So yeah, it will happen.

Both of you sing on the tracks, how do you come up with lyrics?

E: We tend to write in a verse, bridge, chorus, and then we figure out what works. Usually there will be too much, perhaps too many vocals, and we’re like, this doesn’t really work for a club. So then we’ll pick what stands out which is usually the main chorus hook or we’ll use the bridge into the chorus. It works well in the club when it’s in the breakdown and then more instrumental. We’re songwriters at heart. Whenever we sit down and write a song it’s verse, bridge, chorus and then we have to say to ourselves ‘Okay, it’s a club track, let’s figure out what works for that. It’s a fun way of doing it for sure.

When you’re on the road so much, what’s in your suitcase?

E: Clothes. [Laughs]

F: Shoes. So many shoes.

E: Shoes.

F: Mainly just shoes.

What sort of shoes?

F: There’s a real mix.

E: Trainers. I love trainers.

F: Mainly trainers.

E: We actually went hiking yesterday and and completely wrecked our shoes. There was dust everywhere. We always tell people we’re obsessed with trainers. Sometimes we’ll be given trainers which is nice. I feel like that’s it, just clothes and shoes. And a computer and that’s it. When it comes to equipment, we have a hand luggage bag with two laptops, an interface, and a mic. We do have a mini keyboard and a little APC thing. We don’t really have a hand luggage bag, that is our bag. When they make us travel internally, they try to make us check the bag we’re like “no!”

Do you have any tips for traveling with a close friend a lot and not wanting to kill each other?

E: It’s so funny when you travel, it’s the little tiny things are the most important. For first things we can’t be stressed. We always arrive at the airport way earlier than we’re supposed to.

That’s smart.

E: That’s good advice because then you’re calm.

F: You’re not rushing or running.

E: We always do this thing where we’ll, it sounds like we hate each other, we don’t, but we always pick an aisle seat and a window seat, so no one sits in the middle, and most of the time we get three seats.

F: It works!

E: We have been best friends for forever so we do put up with each other quite well which is nice.

What’s the best traveling music?

E: We have this obsession with all music that came out in 2012. It’s deep house with vocals. There’s this really awesome, wait you know what song I love? “Dark Song” by Tale of Us. It’s quite nice. I like to listen to really depressing music when I’m traveling, I don’t know what it is. But if you’re in a car, pop and fun stuff like Drake.

Images courtesy of Audrey Melton

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