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Elohim Is Connecting The Dots With "Connect"

Elohim believes in community and connection; so much so that her new single is named after the idea. “Connect” is the singer’s first track with OWSLA, and it signals a continuation of the wave she’s been riding ever since April when her debut album Elohim dropped. Based in Los Angeles, Elohim has west coast vibes peppered with a passion for people all over the world (even if they’ve never actually met face to face). In her own words, she loves to “build a world that helps guide people on a journey.” With that in mind, take a journey through the new “Connect” vid, then hear more from the singer herself below. Plus, pay a quick visit to Milk LA in the photos in the gallery above.

Your debut album came out this year! What has the reception been like?

The reception has been really wonderful. I love creating music people can put on and discover new feelings to. I love to build a world that helps guide people on a journey… that journey might be spiritual, falling in love, finding yourself and your inner peace, or even just dancing your heart out. Whatever the journey may be I am grateful to provide the music. I also find that whenever I release new music I am honored with new listeners… also known as new friends! I love meeting new people through music.

 Can you talk about your creative process and how the album came together?

My creative process is different every time. I might sit down in my car and start spitting out lyrics and melodies while I am driving. Or other times I will sit at a piano just me and the piano like I am 10 years old again. Another creative process is collaborating which is fun and brings a whole new brain of ideas. Whichever route I take I just go without really thinking. I find it best to create when you can fully let go fearlessly and immerse yourself in the music. Songwriting can be draining and quite an emotional process but it is important to trust yourself and go where your heart guides you!

 What’s your favorite song on the album?

“Skinny Legs” is my favorite song on the album. It is unlike anything else on the record and the process was different than any I had had before. This song was strictly analog. Analog gear brings a different texture and atmosphere. It’s similar to taking photos or video on film versus digital. I have been opening my show with “Skinny Legs” and when the bass comes in it always gives me chills to hear the crowd roar.

You’ve been on a lot of stages this year—what’s the experience like versus being in the studio? Which do you prefer—studio or live performance?

Studio and live are SO insanely different. It is basically two completely different sides of myself. When I’m in the studio it is much more introverted. I am secluded and focused on creating the best music I can. I am also home during that process so it is different to kind of settle in to a routine. On the flip side performing on stage is much more extroverted. You’re traveling, meeting new people, and connected on another level. It’s almost the culmination and reward of what you’ve created in the studio… You get to feel the energy of the crowd and share your interpretation of what you made in a room alone. It is this cool indescribable bonding experience. I love both and can’t really pick a favorite.

The world of electronic/dance is still super male-dominated—how do you make a name for yourself as a female producer? What has your experience been in the industry?

To be honest I’ve been really lucky in a male-heavy industry. I’ve been treated with much respect, but I am particular and smart about who I spend my time with. I have a pretty great bullshit meter which helps me steer clear of anyone that might bring my spirits down. I still notice it’s not fair game but it just makes me work harder. I choose to rise above and just keep creating magic.

What’s in the pipeline for you in the New Year?

2.0. The evolution of Elohim continues. New music, new visuals, new show, new concepts, new love, new friends, and continuing to spread joy, positivity, and inspiration.

Images courtesy of Chase O’Black

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