Norway's Emma Jensen released her debut single, "Closer", to resounding praise, and the best part? She's just getting started.



Emma Jensen on Taking The Plunge With Her Debut Single, "Closer"

If there were ever a musician to master the much sought-after merging of style and sound, Emma Jensen hit the nail on the head. Cool doesn’t even begin to define this singer-songwriter: with a knack for knowing precisely how to express herself (both in the music studio, and sartorially-speaking), she’s Norway’s latest gem, and one that only gets more lovely with each listen.

Jensen’s new fame is fully warranted: her debut single, “Closer”, is taking Spotify and SoundCloud by storm, and, lucky for us, it’s the first of many tracks to come. We sat down with the artist to talk “Closer”, her subsequent signing with Majestic Casual, and what it feels like to put it all out there (hint: really fucking good).

I would love to start with your new single, “Closer”. Can you talk about the inspiration behind the song and how it all came together?

Yeah, sure. It really just came along. I never planned for it to be released. I was just playing around in Logic and then I just came up with some chords and played around with some vocal tracks. And then I think I finished the ID of the song in about a day or something, and then I didn’t work on it for a month, and then I started showing it to some people and they were like, “Maybe this would be a good song.” So I went back and finished it and wrote the rest of the lyrics. I never thought it would be a song I would release or put out there.

And what’s the reception been like so far? 

Really good! Three months ago I never thought I’d be here today with so many views and such a big response. Three months ago I was so nervous to show my music to people and share it, but I decided to just do it and I put it on a Norwegian website, and got so many good responses and it’s just really overwhelming.

And “Closer” is the first single you’ve ever released, right? 


That’s dope. How does it feel now that you’ve started putting music out there? 

I was kind of…not shocked, but I had never shown my music to anyone besides to my mom and boyfriend. But since I had never received feedback about my music, it felt really good to get all of the positive feedback. Yeah, sometimes I can’t even understand how well it went for the single and the release. I’m really happy about it! 

And from there, you were signed with Majestic Casual?

Yeah! Maybe a month or two after I put the single on the Norwegian website.

Was music something that you always wanted to do and knew you were going to pursue from the beginning?

Yeah, now I understand that this is something I can do, but I’ve always been into music and have played instruments since I was little. I always really loved music, and went to music school, but I never really thought I could do this even though I wanted to. I took some time to gain enough confidence and to trust myself that it was something I could do.

Any dream projects or dream collaborations that you would love to work on?

Hard question! Everything has happened so fast that I haven’t gotten a chance to think about these things yet. It’d be so cool to do a collab with John Mayer, Frank Ocean, or The Weeknd. Those are probably my top three collabs if I could pick them.

Where do you draw inspiration from when you’re producing songs or writing them?

It depends. I write lyrics all the time when I’m on the bus, or in bed, so I write all the time. I don’t know one source where I get my inspiration from, but I’m just inspired by people, great musicians, and feelings.

Dope. And what about your style—does your music or your work influence how you approach your style?

Yeah, I guess I never really thought about it, but I guess so! I’ve always been interested in style, so I guess that comes naturally with the music.

Now that you’ve released your first single, what are your plans for the rest of the 2017? Any cool projects in the pipeline that you can share?

Yeah, it’s hard to say. Wednesday I’m in the finals for an award that goes out every year in Norway for up-and-coming musicians. So it’s hard to say what’s to come because it depends if I win on Wednesday. I know I’ll be in the studio a lot, but if I win the finals, I’ll play a lot of music festivals over the summer. Hard to say, yeah! But I’ll be in the studio a lot to write and produce.

Featured image courtesy of Emma Jensen

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